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Create a private story archive

Getting a story posted on line is getting easier, but making sure it stays there is not so easy. Large archives may suddenly delete your work, or may crash, or may exceed their bandwidth allowance and become inaccessible. Unless you know HTML, it may be very difficult to put together a private site of just your own work. If you have copies of one story on several sites, it may be difficult to keep track of them all.

HASA can help members collect, organize and preserve their own stories in the HASa database. While only the reviewed and approved stories are available for general public view, you can put together a collection for yourself and other HASA members. The key lies in creative use of the statuses "General" and "Off-List".

You will be able to see these stories at all times on your "My Stories" page. Use "General" status for stories where you intend to post HTML chapters, and use "Off-List" for stories where all you wish to do is list URLs.

Create a story listing: As described in the Story Status tutorial, create a database lisitng for each of your stories, assigning them the status "General" or "Off-List", depending on whether you will be posting HTML or simply posting URLs. You now have a catalogue of your own work. You can keep it just like this, if you wish. It is a fast way to provide yourself with a standardized index of your own work.

Create a URL collection: If you have one story on several sites, keep track of them all by creating a URL collection. Click on the "Edit Content" link next to any one of your listings. Look for the "ADD" button in the URL section, located directly below the HTML Chapter section. You may add as many URLs as you have sites where your story is posted. It is a fast way to be able to check whether you've posted your most up to date version of your story on any given site.

Create instant HTML chapters All you have to know how to do is copy/paste text into the chapter box, and HASA will create line and paragraph breaks for you. You do have to add italics and bold tags by hand, but there are online instructions for how to do that. An added advantage to putting stories into HTML is that now all other memebrs can read it directly on HASA, and you can link your stories into a forum discussion. Each chapter has a link to that discussion - click, find the topic, type in a comment.

So, use HASA to help you keep track of all your stories, not simply the ones in Beta or accepted into the archive. Create your own private archive, and share with your friends!




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