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Build a favorites list

HASA is wonderful - except there are so darn many stories! You read one part way through, have to stop, and then it is lost under the avalanche of new stuff.

What's a reader to do?

Build your own custom story list!

Every story has a big button on it that says "Add to my list". You can find it on the overview page. You can find it on the chapter pages. What does it do?

Click on that button and the story will show up on your "I'm Reading" page. The "I'm Reading" page is the second choice in the side-bar navigation menu under "Stories".

So, if you are reading a great story and you want to be sure you can find it later, just scroll to the top of the page and click "Add to my list". It will be there!

That list sorts according to most recent update, so you can tell at a glance which of your favorite stories has been updated by the author.

Unlike, there are NO limits to how many stories you can add to your favorites list. When you are done with a story and want to take it off of your list, just click the same button. Now it reads 'Remove from my list", and it will take the story off instantly.

Make a custom reading list - it's easy!




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