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Authors and Members

Here's something that confuses people a little bit, even the admins.

The author list and the HASA member list are two different things.

Why is it set up like this? Very simple - not all authors belong to HASA, and not all HASA members write stories. By keeping two lists, we don't mix them up.

Sometimes people use different names when they are writing a story than when they are participating on list. Adrienne, Mike and Una, just to name three of our admin folks, write under the pen names Alon, Féadan and Altariel, respectively. By keeping two lists, you can keep two identities.

When we get new members who are already authors in our database, we try as best we can to match your author ID up with your member ID. Sometimes we miss the connection.

When you click into "My Stories" the first time, you are prompted to either find your author name on a list, or to create an author identity for yourself. You should do this, even if you do not think you'll be writing - you just might surprise yourself!




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