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I Need a Beta!

Hey kids,

Please use this thread to post requests for beta readers besides the general HASA member pool.

To improve the chances of getting a reader, be very specific about what you want your beta to do - are you looking for a proof reader? Do you need someone to look over a particular chapter that's giving you fits? Are you trying to find someone who will read your stories on a regular basis and give you opinions on whether the stories "work"?

Just as a note to newbies - it sometimes takes a while to find a dependable beta. One way to help people say "yes" to your beta requests is to read different threads in the Forums, and post on a variety of things, especially on other people's stories. As people get to know you, they're more inclined to dedicate the time out of their days to looking at your stories.

You make the best friends that way, too!




Re: I Need a Beta!


I'm posting again to this thread to let you know it's here.

Use this as a central clearning house for beta requests (great place to arrange for swap reading - you read mine, I'll read yours!), as well as a palce to say you're avaibale for beta reading.

Do note that with the holidays coming up, many people will be traveling, entertaining guests and fulfilling family opbligations. Not to mention obsessively watching a certain movie 27 zillion times! ;-)




Re: I Need a Beta!

I'm not sure where else to ask, and this seems to be the official place, so...

I'm attempting a nuzgul. However, while I can beta for other people, I am truly appaling at beta-ing my own work. If anyone is willing, I'd love a beta to work with me on a response to the "heroine or deserter" nuzgul. Main characters being Eomer and Faramir, and the most help needed with dialogue.

Thank you




Re: I Need a Beta!

Kero wrote: If anyone is willing, I'd love a beta to work with me on a response to the "heroine or deserter" nuzgul.

Drop me a note at - I saw the first draft and am going to read the second as soon as I have the time to give it my full attention, and I like what you're doing with it. I'll be glad to help if I can!



Re: I Need a Beta!

hello, i'm new a bit scared and not at all confident in my writing abilities. i've been lurking around your site for about three weeks now
before plucking up the courage to sign up. Within minutes i was bitten by the most evil foul nuzgul from the hutch to plauge middle earth ( the imagine if someone found Maglor's silmaril one- not exactly the learning slopes)
to make matters worse its set in modern times (with some references to 19th cent events) has some silm charachters and some LOTR, and an OFC - please Eru let her not be a mary sue she's only 11, and begins like a Jane Austin novel
So i'd like a beta. Or a shotgun. whichever you think kindest.



Re: I Need a Beta!

I've got rather an odd fic that is definitely going to need betaing - I can't use my normal beta for this one (my sister) as its an R-rated slash piece.

I know that not many people are going to be interested - its Isildur/Haldir (courtesy of the Library of Moria random slash pairing generator) just to make it more interesting. It's currently at about 13,700 words, although I'm wondering whether to just go with 700 of them.

I need help with grammar and tenses, because I know I'm not so good with them. Also canon (its set during the Last Alliance) and general 'does it make sense' and 'is it interesting' type of stuff.

Anyone interested? Anyone think I should stick to the day job?


PS It doesn't have Elrond in it!



Re: I Need a Beta!

Hmm... If all you're looking for is the copy-editing-type stuff, grammar etc., I could possibly do it. I'm not so hot at the critique level, although to some extent I might be able to say if there are major canon problems. But I have no issues with slash.

If you're in a tearing rush, though, I have to warn you that I'm a bit behindhand on several things just now so it could take some time before I could do it.




Re: I Need a Beta!

ok, thanks. I'm not in a tearing rush at all, there's certainly more stuff I could do to it for a start. Let me know when you have some time and I'll send it over.




Re: I Need a Beta!

Whoa! Lipstick of 'Seagull/Phoenix' fame? Um...I might be able to find you somebody who will beta you. I make the offer of myself, if you like. I'd be honored, but I am not a silmfan, and you may want somebody who is. I like your quirky way of looking at things, however. Your stuff sends me into the ozone.

You are not confident in your abilities? Imagine what terrific stuff you shall produce when you are confident!

contact me if you are interested in hooking up with somebody.




Re: I Need a Beta!


I'm looking for an ongoing beta for grammar, punctuation, and paragraphing. Someone to check for over usage of comma's and who knows when to use a colon or semi colon! I'm terrible at these things.

I do romance and drama, no slash, and I'm a Leggy lover. :-)

Thanks so much!

~Lady Aranel~
email me!



Re: I Need a Beta!

I am looking for a Rohan beta.

My story Lady of Gondor is set primarily in Gondor and Rohan, sort of a prequel to Lord of the Rings in those countries stretching through the War of the Rings, but most of the focus is on the events before the battles. At this point I am reasonably comfortable with the Gondor chapters (and have found someone to work with who is quite knowledgeable in this area) but am less sure about those chapters set in Rohan.

Specifically I want someone to tell me when Eomer, Eowyn, and that whole crowd gets OOC, mention when certain scenarios would be implausible or just not likely for Rohan culture, and possibly make general suggestions of how I can make the story in this section more distinctively Rohirric. I am trying to describe a culture here easily distinguishable from Gondor. (Also from other kingdoms of men I am likely to involve in a planned sequel, most significantly Dol Amroth).

Any other comments are welcome but not required.

The first chapter set in Rohan is chapter 12. It might help you to read the earlier chapters, but I can provide the necessary background info if you're interested and don't want to read the whole thing. Feel free to contact me off-list or visit my forum.




Re: I Need a Beta!


I'm looking for a beta reader for my story "Scattered Petals", a mystery featuring Glorfindel, Elrond, Erestor, Gil-Galad and an OFC, Glorfindel's wife, who, however, doesn't play a major role in the story.

Since I'm not a native speaker I need a person to check my grammar, the usage of pov, and the development of the plotline. It's the first mystery I write I'd love to know in all honesty if it REALLY works.

I don't mind nitpickey or extremely frank people... as a matter of fact these are the sort of people I like to work with.

"Scattered petals" is in the beta section and has currently one chapter uploaded, if you want to have a look.

If you wish to help, post a message in my personal forum and I will contact you as soon as I can.

Thanks to everyone,



Re: I Need a Beta!


I'm currently working on a story for the "Don't Worry Be Happy" challenge; it's barely begun (but I know where everything's going *sheepish*) but when it's up, I'd like a beta, pretty please.

Main characters: Faramir, Eowyn, Eomer. Possible cameos of Aragorn and Arwen, but I'm not sure yet.

What I want/need: proofreader (I NEVER catch all my mistakes, arrr...), someone to catch any inconsistensies/plot holes/gaps/errors, make sure the characters are IN character and tell me if it flows well generally. And how it made you feel. All I ask is that you not rip it to shreds.

If you a) don't mind waiting 'til it's done and b) you like these characters and like to see them happy, please email me at:



btw: for those concerned about rating, it'll be "General"

EDIT: I now have a beta, so this be now obsolete...



Re: I Need a Beta!


My story Gondor's Son is now in such a near-final state that it is high time for a spelling/grammar beta. Thanks to earlier feedback I already corrected several errors, but in rewrites new ones might have appeared.

I'm looking for someone who works with American English, since that's what I try to make myself stick to also. I'm not a native speaker, and trying to keep the various versions of English apart is too confusing

You can find the story through the link provided above and leave comments in my forum, or e-mail me at Please, use a fine-toothed comb...




Re: I Need a Beta!

Hello! I too am so very new here...what a lot of wonderful resources are to be found! bows to admins

I would like someone to please read my story Women’s Work, which is a submission for the "Behind Closed Doors" challenge. It features Eowyn and Faramir after five years of marriage, and has ended up mostly being a study of Eowyn and something that might tick her off.

I have already had a couple of kind comments, but I realize that I am so new to the Tolkien fandom--I usually write Star Wars-- that I need someone to check for modernisms. If you read the story and one stops your reading, I beg that you point it out to me (along with a possible M-E replacement, if possible). Please point out anything else that catches your eye as well.

Thanks so much!

Also-- is it easier if I add a discussion? I felt sort of weird about it.



Re: I Need a Beta!

Also-- is it easier if I add a discussion? I felt sort of weird about it. Absolutely add a discussion, Jedishampoo! Many new members feel strange, but it's absolutely the easiest way for people to give you comments. Also, many people who might be willing to make a comment or two won't want/have the time for a formal beta; this gives you a way to collect those comments, too. There is an article in the resources section, called 'Care and Feeding of Betas and Reviewers' that might be helpful. And welcome! Lyllyn



Re: I Need a Beta!

Yes! Add a discussion! I bet I'm not the only person who will read a story, go to add a small comment or point out a typo or whatever - and then realise there is no discussion so not do so. E-mailing the person seems more scary, more intrusive and more time consuming for me. Of course this *could* be an Avon-only weirdness, but I still suspect it isn't. Furthermore forums are fun - and allow for person A to make a comment and then person B to give a suggestio as to how you could fix the problem.




Re: I Need a Beta!

Thank you! There is now a discussion for the story, and hopefully I've linked it correctly, if anyone cares to comment for me or help me out. I also appreciate the faq's that tell so clearly how to do this-- good job with the site!



Re: I Need a Beta!

Hi all!

I'm quite new here, but I also try... So could anyone do beta for me? (I mean ongoing betaing, but I don't write too often, so it won't take many of your time - I hope). The most important would be grammar and language, because I only learnt English in school, and I'm not sure about my grammar. Also canon facts, though I feel quite sure concerning LOTR and Silm. So anyone who would do that, please contact me.

I have a story and a poem in HASA now, The Sword of the King and Nightfall.

I would also read your stories, though there is much I'm not really good in, but I hope we could agree.




Re: I Need a Beta!

I need a Beta!

Or rather, I need three Betas. Or one Beta to read three (not overly long) stories. Whatever works best

I have three stories up in the beta section that have been commented upon, and tinkered with several times. Now I need someone to go through them with a fine-toothed comb to look for spelling and grammatical errors. FYI, I try to stick with American spelling so as not to confuse myself (a non-native speaker) even further.

You can find the stories on line at HASA (links below) or I am happy to send you a Word-file if that's the way you like to work. Contact me if you like a file version of the story, and let me know which one you prefer.

Links to the stories:
Fire On The Mountain: written for the Quickies Challenge Quarter 1, 2004. The thoughts of a Gondorian soldier on the beacon-hill of Erelas around the time the beacons are lit.

To Hope's End, To Heart's Breaking: AU, based on movie verse, except for a few details. There is a murder at the court. A king's final verdict is read. And the Lady of Rohan makes a desperate promise. My attempt to defang a HASA Nuzgûl: what would have happened had Gríma succeeded in his plans before the arrival of Aragorn et al in Rohan?

The Captain's Last Charge: missing scene from Return Of The King. Faramir prepares to do his father's bidding and retake Osgiliath for Gondor. Set in movie-canon.




Re: I Need a Beta!

Please help, I need a beta! Or more than one, even!

The story can be found here: Paths of Lesser Evil

I’m not even sure how I feel about the name, so it may change.. but in the meantime I desire much help.

This is an Éowyn answer to the "Dram of Evil" challenge. Éowyn wants a one-way ticket out of Rohan, and lucky for her, along comes Faramir. A somewhat anti-romantic re-telling of her time in the Houses of Healing, and how she caught herself a husband.

Keep in mind that Faramir knows what she’s doing, but at this point I don’t think he cares. That’s why I think it might fit the challenge—the dram of evil in Éowyn is explained but not necessarily excused.

Beta status. Please give your HONEST help! I can take it. Here is what I need looked at:

1) I do not normally write angst or lots of introspection. So please tell me if it stinks.
2) I don't want to re-write every line of dialogue from the chapter of the Steward and the King. But is there too much paraphrasing?
3) Are there any transitions that don't work for you?
4) Is Evil!Éowyn believeable?

Anything else you see, please point it out. Any and all help is much appreciated!



Re: I Need a Beta!

Hi all,

I am very new here and being somewhat overwhelmed by all the wonderful resources of this website At any rate, I have a rather long fic in need of a second beta before I subject it to the mercy of the entire forum.

I took Aragorn's brief recounting of his journey to capture Gollum in FOTR, the two or so sentences of mapquest-like directions for aforesaid journey given in UT, the various other vague hints given in FOTR, and turned it into a 64,000 word story. So this story recounts his travels around the fences of Mordor searching for Gollum and then the schlep from the Dead Marshes to Mirkwood after Aragorn caught Gollum. It is written in a third person point of view, limited to Aragorn.

As I said, it is in the process of being beta'd for the first time (and she is doing a terrific job!), so it will be in a fairly polished form by the time you get it, but I am always happier when more than one person looks at a story, Everyone notices different things.

What I want betas to notice are:

Narrative structure -- does it flow, do I do idiotic things like repeat myself or leave plot holes you can fly a 747 (or perhaps a fell beast) through? Or are there better ways of accomplishing something plotwise than what I've done? Do the transitions work? That sort of thing.

Characterization -- are the characters in character? Are they believable? Do their motives make sense? Are thet developed enough? Aragorn is not the easiest character to write since there is very little Tolkien writes from his point of view. You hardly know what he's thinking half the time.

Anything else that strikes your fancy.

Any and all help is appreciated! If you're interested, drop me a line at or you can even AIM me at gypsummoon.



Re: I Need a Beta!

Hi, Gypsum, and welcome

The place does take some getting used to, learning all the bells and whistles takes time.

Feel free to post any questions on the site, or email admins with questions.

Have you considered posting your story in beta? People who don't have the time right now for a formal beta might read and make comments on aspects of the story.

It does sound like an interesting gap-filler!




Re: I Need a Beta!

This is going to sound like a really dumb question, but if you post a story as a beta story, can you subsequently add chapters to it, or is it set up so that once it's done, it's done?



Re: I Need a Beta!

You can keep adding chapters, no worries.




Re: I Need a Beta!

As Avon says, you can keep adding chapters, and you can also make edits on the chapters that already exist and on the summary information. In fact if you have a story accepted for the public archive, and find errors, you can fix them then; accepted WIPs and serials can be updated, also.




Re: I Need a Beta!

I need a beta for my story Pity. It's about Námo Mandos and why he was moved to pity over Lúthien's plight. For some reason, it seems like the story is blaming Lúthien and I can't figure out how to fix it. And there are probably a few typos that I missed in it as well.



Re: I Need a Beta!

Hello. I am in need of a beta who is interested in the characters and culture of Rohan and who knows a good deal about the land, its geography, and hopefully distances to boot. (I'm not asking for much, am I? ) This is my first story here and will probably run about four or five chapters. It is primarily a romance - with a dash of battle and angst thrown in here and there - and the main character is Éomer. There is also an OFC, an elf - and before you panic, please know that I am dedicated to making her believable, respectable, and in keeping with Tolkien's work.

My main concerns, especially as I work on the second chapter, is presenting the geography of Rohan as accurately as possible and depicting the travels of my characters in a way that is believable, as far as distances go. Of course I'd also appreciate help in proofreading and making sure I've got my canon facts straight.

The first chapter of Enthralled is now in beta. If you think you’d like to beta read for this story, please e-mail me or drop a note in my forum. Thank you!



Re: I Need a Beta!

Howdy, kind peoples!

I have a re-done story here: Gift Horses.

Gift Horses is the re-done "Paths of Lesser Evil" which was scrapped, thank heavens. I tried to make this one a little less morose and boring.

This story is an entry into the Dram of Evil challenge, only two weeks late, and examines Eowyn on the day Faramir asks her to marry him.

I would like help, please!
1) I have never written flashback sequences before: do my transitions work, wimpy as they are?
2) Is dram-of-evil Eowyn believable?
3) Are there any modernisms, plot problems, grammar troubles?
4) Does it stink?

Please be honest-- I'll love you for it. I am not used to writing this kind of story and it's a stretch for me.

Thanks bunches in advance!



Re: I Need a Beta!

As RL slowly releases its clutches, I have gone back continue my forever WIP Doomed to Live and have decided that the first chapters need a thorough revision. I have not yet posted anything new, but would really appreciate the help of a beta reader for future revisions and new chapters. I have already someone who volunteered to look at the grammar, but I am most unsure at the moment about pacing issues and dialog. The story itself is an AU-version of LotR, starting with the breaking of the Fellowship at Parth Galen. In my version, not only Merry and Pippin are taken captive by the Uruk-hai, but Aragorn as well. But Boromir has survived the Uruk-hai attack. Anyone interested? Then contact me privately at or in my discussion fliewatuet's followups. TIA, fliewatuet



Re: I Need a Beta!

Hi! I am just completing a short story that was originally intended for the Quickies challenge but I ran out of time & sanity so I never managed to get to it. The title: Hero The plot: A 12 year old boy comes to visit Eomer when he's in prison. I'm looking for the usual grammar, canon, fluidity, etc. Also, I've never done Eomer before (except for a cameo in Faithful Star) much less through the eyes of a worshipful 12 year old boy. So, I need someone to tell me if I've done Eomer well and if the speaker sounds like a 12 year old boy (being a 20 year old female, I can't say I've ever been there...) Also... help me make it good, please. I'm sometimes coddled by freinds/family when it comes to my writing and I'd like someone to help me make this little story as good as it can be. Just don't shred. If interested, please email me at: Hennaid! Ti'ana



Re: I Need a Beta!

I'm looking for someone to beta my story No Living Man. It's a short, fun piece, so not a lot of time or effort commitment. I've never written humor before, so I'd really like some feedback from someone who's good at making sure things are funny. Also general word choice, grammar, etc. Thanks! Elana



Re: I Need a Beta!

I am looking for someone to beta the story I have temporarily dubbed So Doomed. It is just 2000 words, so no huge time commitments (if you're a masochist and want huge commitments, I can oblige that too with 70,000 word fic...haha ). I am looking for someone willing to pretty-up the language, for I have a love for pretty language. More importantly, I would like someone to help improve narrative pacing and direction, if it needs improvement. There is no real action in the story -- it is a reflective piece -- but I feel that it can be much improved if the protagonist's stream-of-consciousness thought processes hit some kind of epiphanic moment. It doesn't have to be terribly revelatory in that he realizes what he should do; it can be Joycean in that it is a moment of paralysis when he realizes, 'AUUGHHHHHH.... I might be so screwed!!! Don't know what to do!!!!!!!" And then takes some action, or non-action, reflective of that. Either way -- revelation or paralysis -- works, but think that would give it some narrative momentum. I am just not sure how to do it and do it well. Feel free to e-mail me at or leave a message in my forum



Re: I Need a Beta!

I need a beta, too! Whenever I start to write a story, I don't usually finish it, but this time, I'm going to try to finish this one. I have trouble finding typos in my stories, and I need someone to be honest about what I have written--even if they are brutally honest. If anyone would be willing to beta my story, could you please e-mail me at ?



Re: I Need a Beta!

Wanted: One or more HASA members to beta read a short (3,500 words) one-off story (tentatively titled “No Finer Gift”). Description: Legolas, Celeborn and the great bow of the Galadrim…just how did Legolas feel about accepting the Lady’s gift? Gap-filler story that takes place as the Fellowship is preparing to leave Lothlorien. Is book canon, with some plausible creative liberties. (Stretched, perhaps, but not broken.) Requirements: Beta reader must have good eye for pacing, atmosphere, and phrasing. Beta reader must be prepared to provide honest, constructive criticism on story mechanics, content, characterizations, and adherence to canon. Good grasp of Noldor, Silvan and Sindar culture also an asset. (I am not looking for a proof-reader…if you catch any significant spelling, grammar errors, point them out by all means…but I would rather you concentrate on the story itself.) Start Date: June 22, 2004 (I’m about 75% done the ‘alpha’ draft…I would say in two weeks time I will have gone as far as I can without having someone else provide some feedback and guidance. Yes, I write v e r y s l o w l y :-) Seriously though, I am too new to this community to have any beta-relationships yet, and I can’t bring myself to contact folks from the beta list out of the blue…feels too much like cold calling. So I have posted this message in the hopes of luring…I mean finding a beta reader willing to take a chance on an author new to this fandom. In any case, I’ve got some very specific beta questions that I won’t list here. I do plan on posting this to HASA beta as well and starting a forum, but would like another pair of eyes to read it before I unleash it. Let me know if this interests you, by email at -Dinromeniel



Re: I Need a Beta!

Hey! I have several stories in need of a beta... Story one is "Enthralled" (WIP and posted in the HASA Beta archive) and is a Curufin/OC slash that is in need of a third and final chapter, but I need a bit of assistance on what is needed in the third chapter. I'm looking particularly for plot hole finders and someone with Silmarillion knowledge. Story two is still in need of a title. It follows Amras through all the events of the 'Rillion, starting with a patricidal thought at the Firth of Drengist. Once again, Silmarillion knowledge is appreciated so as to discover possible inconsistancies with Tolkien's work. I have two out of seven chapters of this one finished. (I like to work on three or four fics at a time; I know, strange, but I'm not a focus-on-one-story-till-your-brain-explodes type person). The third one is also in the Beta Archive under the title "Cursed by the Gods," though I suspect a new title will be found when I submit it for review. It's a Maglor/Celegorm slash and help is desperately needed with this one! Someone that helps with flow would be wonderful, as would plot-hole finders. I have six out of who knows how many chapters done. And I am also available to beta fanfics anytime (except for the next two weeks--vacation). You don't have to ask first, just send them to me at and I'll get back to you ASAP. I'll read anything no matter the rating or the subject, though I prefer SIlmarillion fics.



Re: I Need a Beta!

Hi Tasare I just wanted to let you know that we have launched a new feature in the past few days which you may not be aware of that provides an additional way for authors to find beta readers - especially if, like you, they are looking to offer beta reading services in return. This is the Beta – try before you buy discussion, where members interested in offering beta reading services are able to quickly find story extracts from authors who want betas. Please do take a look as I think you will find it useful. Good luck with finding a beta! Liz/Tanaqui HASA Beta Admin



I need a beta too!

I have written the strangest story ever yet to emerge from my keyboard, it's a quasi-A/U romance since it could have happened but we never know if it did. There is a fair amount of angst thrown in there. What I want is someone to criticise what I have and suggest alterations to the structure and perhaps some of the content. It is written very oddly and while it makes sense to me I am not sure how much sense it would make to anyone else. I am fine on spelling but I really need someone to check my grammar. I don't want to give too much away because it's written to throw readers into slight confusion until the end when all the pieces fit together (or it should work that way) Anywhoo it involves Elrohir but not his twin so anyone liking the elves might appreciate this. It is not slash!



Re: I need a beta too!

I have only ever betaed non-fanfic stories, but I've had a lot of experience editing and checking over other peoples' works. If you have yet to find a beta for your "unusual" story I'd be happy to oblige; your description of its possible confusion intrigues me. If you want to check out my own AU fic to see what I'm like, my stories are posted here; "Pottymouth" is probably my most "unusual." I am comfortable with grammar, punctuation, and Tolkien canon. If you're interested, drop me a line. Le Rouret (



Re: I Need a Beta!

I could use a beta reader

Basically, the story is set in 198 of the Fourth Age. The story will focus around Eldarion's sons. This chapter is kinda more about bringing back an old villian (not Sauron). So not only is it starting in the middle, but I myself have a number of notes in the text.

The basic idea of the story is that the Mouth of Sauron, who has stretched his life out further through all those bad magics but is on deaths door, has arranged a number of things in ME to cause war. The slaves of Nurn have secrelty been turned againist Gondor, where the name Hermour, the leader of this thought comes from. He also arranges for a Prince of a Easterling city to acciedntly assinate a Gold Beorning in bear form, and is the last Beorning who can change into a bear. It cause's a massive uproar and an Alliance of the Woodmen, Beornings, the Men of Dale and a small amount of Rohhirum to make war on this Easterling city. What they don't know is that the city is now ruled by a servant of the MOS (who is now dead) and they cleave through the Alliance with the help of the Men of Nurn.

Another major plot line is an Easterling princess from this very city is in Gondor, asking for help againist this war. King Eldarion goes with a bodyguard to try and resolve things peacefully. The Easterling princess finds a young man of Haradrim or Easterling descant who has been raised Gondorians and turns him to the "Dark Side." They go on an anti-Beren and Luthein quest, and plan to steal some jewels from the Glittering Caves. Also, a Steward of Gondor, a woman, and the last of that line is thrown off the top of Minas Tirith by a bad guy, causing the Gondorians to go to war.

What I'd like is for people to read what I have, tell me what they like and don't like. If they see a word, or sentence structure they don't like maybe they could highlight it and offer ways of improving



Re: I Need a Beta!

Oi, it's impossible to find a good beta reader these days : /



Re: I Need a Beta!

It does seem that way sometimes, doesn't it?

But a really good beta is worth all the mithril in Moria! I had one for one of my tales and it astounded me as to what a treasure she made of my tale...

Blessings to you, Edoraslass, for your kindness to me.

Now, Ecthel - I am not Edoraslass, and I am in the midst of two long tales at the moment, but I'd love to at least give your tale a quick look-see.

Also - I've placed a poll here that you might like to answer???




Re: I Need a Beta!

Hi, Ecthel,

I'm sure you think I've forgotten you - but my computer had the 'blue screen of death' and it was just fixed this past Monday.

So - I reread the print out you made and am ready to offer some corrections/suggestions/etc.

PROBLEM - I lost the document - I've got the print out - but I would prefer to do the corrections on word - if you can, send it to me again - I promise I will do it tomorrow - if work is not insane!

Blessings, Agape

PS - I still think it is a great story!



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