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Alpha Writing and Plot musing for "Eight Colours of Rainbow"

I did find conference & forums for Beta readers, but nothing for "alpha" writer. I mean newb writer, but Alpa Writer sounds more fun, so I will stick myself with the term.

I am sorry , if questions that will follow are does not belong to this forum and I breaking some said or unsaid CoC. Anyway now to the  topic,

I am interested in writing a story,  and I believe I have good enough plot as well with She-elf OC. But from what I understand from my current romping through some of the stories like "Full of Wisdom and Perfect in Beauty", "The Standard Bearer" and "Amid the Powers and Chances of the World", I am sure enough that my story will turn out to be long enough.

The key features would be

1) The cartography will extend from Beleriand to Inland Sea, Khand and possibly a new region further east.

2) Time span : The Hobbit, parallel to LOTR and post-LOTR

3) She-elf OC as main character, who is under tutelage of Elrond studying to be Loremaster. (no I do not plan to romantically associate her with any of "The Company", no matter how story unfolds, there I said it ;) ).


 The plot... well it came to me, after playing LOTRO for nearly one year. I intend to name the story "Eight colors of Rainbow"  or "Toloth kure im eiliant". 

Unfortunately, I am not able to find any word for "color(s)" in Sindarin, which is one of my worries so far. But since "purea" = discoloured , I am assuming "Kur (s)" and "Kure (pl)" for color.

 I did think out a name for my lead character, which is another worry.

Sil - shine (white)

nie - tears

siril - rivulet

The name turns out to be "Silnairil" , actually it was not my first choice. (Unfortunately , Areil cannot be both wiriter and main-character) Since I coined "Silnairil", I  have thought that nickname could be "Silya" & more dearly "Sily" Grin. I find "Sily" to be sticky and fun name for long story.  Although, I hope you see my concern with using "Silnairil" as main character name, I do dearly seek some advice and inputs.


I will definitely need help. I would be glad to receive Beta readers and even  let you in as Co-author, if things go well. Feel free to email me at 

neo.patrix at 

I will let you in on entire plot and whatever of first chapter I have so far.

Best Regards,




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