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HA Story Workshop

If anyone is interested in learning how to give helpful criticism, I'm conducting a short course at the new Henneth Annun Story Workshop group. Visit the URL below to join.

Once we've completed the course materials, we will be accepting submissions from authors who want to receive in-depth critiques. We're learning special methods for working with WIPs, finished pieces and even plotbunnies. The methods we're learning would be helpful to anyone who wants to be a beta-reader, either here or somewhere else.




Re: HA Story Workshop

I know this post was made a long time ago, but it sounds like a very good idea, and the group is now gone! Is there still a Henneth Annun Story Workshop group, or something serving the same function? Because if there is, I'd like to both submit a story to be critiqued and be a critiquer! If there isn't, maybe someone should re-start one.



Re: HA Story Workshop

Flourish, this closed some time last year. I belonged for a short while and the articles Adrienne posted were very interesting but I think it fell down on no-one really having time to beta the stories.





Re: HA Story Workshop

Too bad.



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