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AU Faramir (and other characters)

I am in the middle of an AU story for the "When Brothers are Not So Close" challenge, which has Finduilas having another son before dying. Obviously, this changes the dynamics of the Steward's family considerably, to a point where I am wondering about my characterizations. This story, along with a couple other AUs that I am in the process of writing, makes the change in canon in the childhood of the characters. Now, as an amateur psychologist, I know that our favorite characters are the way they are because of more than just personality: family dynamics and upbringing have a lot to do with building someone's character.

However, in some AUs I have read where there is a big change in someone's childhood, the characters end up growing into the same person as they are in canon, even with the different circumstances. So now I am wondering a couple things:

If I were to write this AU realistically, Faramir (and Boromir) would end up with somewhat of a different personality as well as another the people who read those sort of AUs expect that, or would I have to provide some author's notes explaining my changes in characters?

And secondly, how do AU writers deal with these sort of things? Though I am fairly confident with how I will write this, I would love to hear from other writers who have "changed" LOTR characters because of the AU they are in.

Any thoughts on this topic would be appreciated! 




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