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Does anyone know who got married first, Eowyn or Eomer? Thanks!



Re: Weddings?

Er... Eomer married Lothiriel of Dol Amroth in the last year of the Third Age (3021). I think (I think) that Eowyn and Faramir married at Edoras, in 3020. I have heard it cited from somewhere in HoMe. Wait! I found it, I found it! Faramir weds Eowyn in 3020... and Eomer weds Lothiriel in 3021. All doubts verified courtesy of the wonderful Resources section we have right here at HASA. Allie



Re: Weddings?

Here's how my brain's working today.... I read that as "Eomer married Lothriel last year. " And it's also proof that my brain is gone today that I didn't go look at Resources. Oy. Thanks Allie!



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