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New Hobbit Story on Beta

Okay, "Sam's Rose" chapter 1 is up on beta, and a discussion attached to it ......... comments and constructive criticism eagerly solicited.......

This story is growing like a weed. I've seen longer ones, for sure, but not written by me! It's up to 16 chapters and not done yet. The more I write Rosie, the better I like her -- and Marigold Gamgee is a sweetheart, too! (Come to think of it, Farmer Cotton is no slouch, either. Reminds me of a guy I used to know. Wonder how that happened?)



Re: New Hobbit Story on Beta

I'll also take the opportunity to publicise my first LOTR fic - Dropping Eaves. Its only short (being as its for the Quickies challenge). Its from Sam's point of view - the more I wrote him the more I found him interesting.

I've attached a discussion to it - anyone who wants to comment on it is eagerly appreciated.




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