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Hobbit Lover List

Hi everybody!

One of the great things about a large writing group is there are so many people with such great ideas it is difficult not to get questions answered, ideas sparked and opinion shared. Unfortunately, you have to find like-minded folk first! So this particular thread is for people who have a strong liking for hobbits as characters and/or to write stories about them to identify themselves and say a little bit. Plus add a link to a bio, so we have your contact info and a fast way to see the stories you have written/are writing, what discussions you own, what stories you recommend, and so forth. Here's mine:


I had to change my user profile not long ago, so if you see forum entries or story recommndations under Anglachel1 that is also me.

I've been reading about Hobbits since the mid-70's (yes, I am that old) and have always had a special place in my heart for Hobbits. Probably because I am very short, with a rather round stomach. ;-)

More seriously, while I love all of the Professor's creations, even Ungoliant, the ones I have always felt the most connection to are Hobbits. Look around for my various notes and comments on the mythic vs. the mundane, and you'll get the larger argument.

I do not write only Hobbit stories, though that has been occupying my time recently. I'm quite taken with Dwarves, and have been known to have a passing fancy for Dúnedain (north and south). Elves are OK, though I think they are over (and usually badly) written. I blame this entirely on whomever cast Orlando Bloom as Legolas. ;-)


PS - Hey, we don't need bio links - our names in the left hand side of each message is automatically linked to the bio page! (You *would* think, since I coded the darn thing, that I would have remembered that. But nooooo. ..)



Re: Hobbit Lover List

I'm Kate. I really like hobbits, which I suspect is because their culture appears to me to be similar to that of Georgian and Regency England, an historical period I am particularly fond of.

I'm currently trying to write a story about why Frodo is not married without using the simplistic and invalid excuse that he's in love with Sam, because I'm sure that's not at all what Tolkien intended. I recently decided, in fact, that Tolkien's reasoning was that only bachelors can have Adventures, but I'd like to be able to present that idea within the context of a narrative.

I'm also interested in what may have happened to Hildifons and Isengar Took and am slowly picking away at them. If anyone has ever seen anything like this before, please let me know!

As for what I like to read, stories set during the events of the trilogy are alright if they present a new or interesting perspective or an unseen episode. AUs can be interesting if they're done credibly. I also like stories set either before or after the war of the ring, bringing depth to characters with brief mentions in the appendices.



Re: Hobbit Lover List

I'm jodancingtree -- and not terribly computer literate, so I don't know how to turn that into a link. <:-( I'll read LOTR fanfiction about any of the Fellowship, but I'd rather write about hobbits. I like to explore what's going on in their minds, why they behave the way they do in the books. So I have a story about Sam becoming Frodo's faithful friend, and one listening in on Frodo's thoughts while he decides to go to the Havens. In progress are two more stories: the time frame of LOTR from Rosie's point of view, and one of Frodo, long before the Quest, trying to deal with Sam's inexplicable devotion to him.

I've always been grieved by the end of ROTK, so I wrote Beyond the Havens to comfort myself...... now working on a sequel to that, which I suppose will please some folks and horrify others. >g<

I have to admit, on any fanfic site, I look first to see what's been written about Sam and Frodo -- so far my all-time favorites are The Legacy and On Merry Yule (thanks, ang!) and Letters Across the Sea by Prembone and Gytha, which is on the site.



Re: Hobbit Lover List

I'm paranoidangel. I'm new here having only just recently discovered LOTR fan fic. It was actually reading a hobbit-centric fic I saw recommended that got me into it in the first place.

I haven't written any yet, but I'm working on one for the Quickies challenge about Sam and Frodo's first meeting with Gandalf.

I have been known to read some stuff with the Fellowship in, but mostly I've been reading all the non-slashy hobbit fics I can get my hands on. I particularly like the relationship between Sam and Frodo, and I'm just beginning to discover the depths of the one between Bilbo and Frodo.

I find the culture interesting because of its resemblance to olde england and also because of the close relationships the characters have to fairly distant cousins. Thats probably because personally I have lots of cousins (my mum's into genealogy) but I don't even see my first cousins that much.



Re: Hobbit Lover List


I suspect the close relationships with distant cousins springs at least in part from the fact that the Took, Brandybuck, and Baggins families (and also, I think, the Bolgers) are the leading families of the Shire. They're on the same social stratum and would therefore tend to associate more with each other than with members of lesser families.



Re: Hobbit Lover List

Hi my name is Llinos and I am a Hobbit lover.

There – that's the scary bit over.

I first read LotR in 1972. I actually started to read it, got as far as The Prologue and realised I should have read The Hobbit first. Rushed out and bought a copy of said book, read it that day and then started back on LotR.

I then began reading it once a year, rationing myself as you do. Then I would just read my favourite parts over again. And that would be the parts with hobbits in, preferably Merry and Pippin.

I think part of the appeal and much of the cleverness of the book is that when JRRT wrote from the hobbit perspective of the great doings of men and elves, the reader felt privy to inside information. At least, I know that how I felt. It was as if you were the only person watching events from this rather secret corner. No one else had really noticed Merry and Pippin, but they, and vicariously, you, were right there in the thick of things.

I don't know if that makes any sense or rings any bells with anyone else?

Since that first reading I was completely besotted by the characters and I could hardly walk into a woodland or meadow without thinking of them or half expecting to see them. Perhaps the pastoral aspects of hobbits is what also appeals.

I grew up and still live in a very beautiful part of Buckinghamshire, it nestles in the Thames Valley and is famous for its beech woods and bluebells, little streams and meadows. I fell in the Village pond when I was three, picked handfuls of ladysmocks for my grandma at Easter, caught tadpoles and sticklebacks and carried a jug to the farm down the lane to buy milk.

When my son was born I did want to call him Merry – well, Meredydd actually, as I married a Welshman and learned to speak Welsh myself. However since my husband wanted to give him the Welsh name, Christmas (that is absolutely true), a compromise was out of the question.

Writing – I have a long running saga of a story which is on and published in HASA called Recaptured. I think people are put off because it is so very long, although in its defence I think it's a very easy read and the chapters (105 at present) are often short, although longer towards the end.

The first writing was very quick and done for fun, without a great deal of agonizing I must confess. At the time I was working from home (as a full-time poet for Hallmark – yewk!) and I dashed off a chapter a day when my muse for poetry was waning (which was quite often).

However, in the purging when it was kicked off for being NC-17, I edited the two small parts that were not suitable for children and reposted the whole thing. I also took the opportunity to re-write and re-edit quite a bit of it and I think improved it no end.

The story is an AU where Merry and Pippin are recaptured by the Uruk-hai and taken to Isengard. This one event changes everything and it follows their amazing adventures after that.

A couple of the main aspects in this story is that Merry is blind and Pippin is unable to hear or speak. This might seem unnatural and cruel, but it is a plot device to show how they can overcome adversity if they work together. Also you need conflict in an adventure story.

It also leads on to the other odd aspect of the story in that they have become, with the aid of Legolas, telepathic with each other. I have had some shtick for this, especially for the way in which they talk. Some have said it is childish – but what I keep explaining is that they are effectively speaking another language. Even Éowyn at one point gets in on the action and she also muddles her words, but in a totally different way to M&P because she has a different accent.

The funny thing about this is, I have had people tell me, "that's not how telepathy works!" It reminds me of the fanon argument going on on the list at the mo. There is no such thing as conversational telepathy in the real world! So you can't tell me I've got it wrong!

Another aspect of the story was to develop two sympathetic orcs. These grew because of the effect that Pippin, in particular, and later Merry, has on them. It is another aspect of hobbits that I perceive and delight in. That they have a charisma about them that, while maybe not magic, is something above and beyond what you might find in humans.

I did not mean it to be so long when I started (or this post for that matter) and I have Marigold to thank (ahem) for that. She started reading the story in her home in Los Angeles and first of all became my beta, then to a large extent, my muse. Now she has actually journeyed all the way to Buckinghamshire to stay in my house and make me write more. So yes fanfic writing can have a profound effect on your life!

I too, Kate am fascinated with Hildifons Took and have already started a story about him which is to be a sequel to Recaptured. It will also involve Merry and Pippin again but they retrace his steps, albeit unwillingly, and eventually, through a journal of his that they find, discover his story. The planned story is called "Stolen" and it is already started, although I'm not allowed to post any until Recaptured is finished. (Marigold said!)

In the meantime, I have written a couple of other shorter spin-off stories, two of which are on HA beta at the moment and begging for feedback.

If you don't fancy delving into the gargantuan depths of Recaptured, try these two stories first. They are "A Partnership in Villainy" and "Big Enough to be Thain". Both are related to incidents that happen in Recaptured, but are set in the hobbits' early years.

Anyway – that's enough rambling from me




Re: Hobbit Lover List

My current theory on Hildifons is that his journey begins along much the same path as Bilbo's did, only he fails to outwit Gollum in the riddle contest and gets eaten. Unfortunately, that's not much of a story in itself and would somehow have to be worked into a greater story arc; it's also difficult to write because Hildifons dies right away and Gollum is in no state to tell his own tales (if I take nothing else from Tolkien, it's the idea that all of this stuff is somehow a history, and for any tale to be told there has to be someone there to record it).

My current theory on Isengar is that he stows away with some Elves who are sailing to Valinor and somehow convinces the Valar that all hobbits deserve a place in Valinor when they die (think Billy Boyd at his charming Tookish best as he's saying "the closer we are to danger, the further we are from harm"). After I developed this theory I read my appendix again and discovered that he returned from his journey, so maybe the Valar sent him back with his memory wiped. This theory is, on the whole, more than a bit silly and I'm hoping for a better one.



Re: Hobbit Lover List

When my son was born I did want to call him Merry – well, Meredydd actually, as I married a Welshman and learned to speak Welsh myself.

I actually have two ancestors called Merry, one in the early 1800s and one in the late 1800s. One was his mother's maiden name, the other was his grandfather's maiden name. At one point the family name of West mutated into Merry West and back to West again.

So I have a valid reason for calling a child Merry - except that when you're researching your family tree anyone with the same names as others are very annoying. Plus I could see how a kid called Merry would get teased about it.

Someone did, many years ago name some projects at work on a LOTR theme - we had Hobbit, Bilbo and Frodo. The theme's been resurrected as we're about to have Gandalf.



Re: Hobbit Lover List

(ot) I once worked with a young lady named Eowyn.



Re: Hobbit Lover List

I would definitely place myself on a list like this.

I am Ariel. I am a hobbit lover (mainly Frodo, but I also enjoy the other reading about the other hobbits) from WAY back (early 70’s) but my first fanfic was Star Trek and Star Wars. I even published a fanzine back in the day! I wrote one Tolkien fanfic when I was about 20 and it sat unheralded in my drawer until after Fellowship came out and I felt a great desire to revisit the tale. I have since reworked it (a lot) and it is currently being offered in the Mary Sue Challenge - Promises . (adult themes and situations – sorry, I am a great connoisseur of hobbit porn ;))

I have 2 stories that have been accepted to the HASA, The Gift of Iluvatar and Thicker than blood , a story in beta that I have started posting on Fear , and one that I am debating submitting that currently resides in the General archive; Swallowing Sorrows. I tend to write angst, when I am writing outside my home group’s AU – because SO much in that genre is pretty much dreck. I like the challenge of proving that angst can be well written and insightful. I spend time on my pieces and try to produce something that is not mindless ‘hurt-comfort’ fics, but actually tells a tale, and shows the growth and heartache of the characters. I like to make my readers feel as if they are right there while the events are happening.

I am very well known in certain circles, but I am afraid I have not gotten too much involved with the community at HA. Lack of time, mainly – and the fact that I already belong to, feel at home with and run a website for a Tolkien centered group of Frodo fanciers called ‘Frodo’s Harem’. It is a marvelous little group based on a sweet little premise that Frodo deserved something more on the Blessed Isle than just ol’ Bilbo ;). We write poetry, filks, angst, erotica (and some DAMMED fine works in that genre), comedy and romance stories both in Harem ‘canon’ and out. Our work is exceptionally good and features such authors as Niphredil, Oselle, Lurea, Chica Chubb and myself. I am currently working on getting a front page prepared for our site, but here is some of what I already have. On Tol Eressea is a sweet tale that gives you an idea of how the harem came into being. Be patient though… the site is still under construction.

Haremites are wonderful, special ladies, and I encourage anyone who has a great love of the character of Frodo to stop by the archive and take a look at our work - The Frodo’s Harem Fanfiction Archive This site is ready for the public, but we haven’t exposed ourselves to a larger ‘audience’ because the front page isn’t done yet. Soon, I hope. Haremites as a group have been posting on various Tolkien bulletin boards for 3 years now and have meets and get togethers all year. It’s a great group and we are discovering new haremites every day. If you read the pieces and feel the call, who knows… you may be a haremite! Please feel free to join us. Rest assured we are NOT a bunch of screaming fangirls – but a group of mature (avg. age – 35) ladies who have always loved Frodo.

Good grief… that is probably more than you ever wanted to know about me! I am not in the habit of talking up my own fics – modesty, perhaps or just the fact that I find other people’s egos annoying and refuse to develop one of my own. Nothing in the world turns me off more than an author who acts like the world revolves on their own fics. Mine are good, but I would never presume people have read them (as a matter of fact, I highly doubt anyone on this list has ). If a piece of work can’t stand on its own merit, then no amount of talking it up is going to fix that. I put them forth for people to read and if they do, that is fine, if they don’t that is fine too. I wrote them because I loved doing so and I like them – not for the approval of the masses. All I will say about them is that if you enjoy Frodo angst, you may like my fics, and if you enjoy Frodo fanfics, you will definitely like the Harem site.




Re: Hobbit Lover List

Hi, I'm Nike and I'm rather new here.
I first read Tolkien in the early 90's (but that's not my fault. I was born in the 80's. Scarily enough, Elijah Wood is actually older than me). Despite my youth, I've never been one for the squealing fangirl thing and I find people who are very annoying.
I've been writing seriously for quite awhile and hope to finish the rewrite of my first original fiction novel by the end of this year. In the meantime, when inspiration flags on that project, I write fanfiction in several fandoms.
I love hobbits and am currently writting a short little fic from Rosie Cotton's point-of-view that takes place between her and Sam's marriage and when Frodo leaves for Grey Havens.



Re: Hobbit Lover List

Hi, I'm ancalagon's daughter ( Elizabeth in real life ), and I love hobbits. All of them. Well, except for Farmer Maggot and some of Frodo's greedy relatives , maybe.

As Nike, I read The Lord of the Rings in the early 90's and I've to admit that I did not like hobbits at all then. But, alas, I was very young ( not even 10) and also very foolish and the Lord of the Rings remained locked in a cupboard for another five years.
When I read it again, I had changed and so had my opinion concerning hobbits.
(I also had already developed some kind of " mothering instinct" for Elijah Wood ...He is actually older than me. Don't know what had happened to me back then.)
However, since then ( and it was a couple of years before the movies came out) I've been totally fascinated by hobbits, particularly by Sam and Frodo. This did not change much, when I went to watch the movies. In contrast, it became worse. me , the one who had exclaimed " Hobbits are ugly, useless and fat" as a child was now ( blame Elijah and Sean) completely obsessed by them.
What had started with simply hoping to, one day, find a friend like Sam was, ended up with me writing fan fictions.
Bad thing.
Still, I enjoy writing a lot, though I'm not as talented as I'd like to be.
Sometimes I fear my only talent is making Frodo as miserable as possible.* Evil cackle*
Although some of my very first fanfictions had men and elves as main characters. Bless Elbereth, I never published them. Nowadays I write mainly hobbit-centric stuff and ..well.. I think it’s actually better than writing about men ;). Don’t know why, though.



Re: Hobbit Lover List

Hi, I’m Lily!

I have only joined this site yesterday.
I must admit I only read LotR after seeing the first movie, although I had bought the book earlier, but it couldn’t be delivered (for almost a month!! *still angry for being deleted in getting to know this tale*). Anyway, once started, I could not stop myself from reading. I even forgot to eat or drink.

I don’t know why it were the hobbits that fascinated me; maybe because of their simple lifestyle and well… their tendency to see the good things on earth and to overlook the ‘bad’.

Thanks to fanfictions I found back to my writing passion. I have written before, but I was about 10 then and, well, those stories don’t count.
So, when I began to write ffs it was somehow a new beginning in writing and also the first time that I wrote in English.

Frodo is my favourite character and, well, so far all my stories are about him. Still I also like to read about Pippin, Merry and Sam and the friendship they share. I like to write pre-quest stories, showing the relationship between Frodo and Bilbo or between Frodo and his parents.



Re: Hobbit Lover List

so you finally dared to to enter a discussion.
Have fun!



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