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FIXED - Member reported bugs

A number of small bugs have been reported directly by members since the site relaunched two days ago.

  • URL rewriting. Not so much a bug as a setting. The HTML Editor, Tiny Moxie Code, has several options for changing the URLs in forum and other message windows, and the settings are slightly different from the last version HASA used to the newest version. The URLs are now rewritten relative to the site root, except in Forum messages and Story comments, when they are written with the HASA domain prefixed. That ensures that if someone enters a site URL, the emailed message/comment will contain the complete link. If all of this is geek to you, don't worry. Just know that the links work. Reported by Raksha and Elena Tiriel.
  • Blockquotes automatically italicizing. This was a messed up style cascade in the CSS files. It automatically italicized all text marked with the blockquote element. The style has been corrected so that it just indents and adds a left hand border. Reported by Elena Tiriel.
  • Chapter additions or edits throwing error message. There was a misplaced line of code from a different code fix that prevented any work on story chapters. The code was corrected and uploaded last night fairly late. Reported by Nieriel Raina.
  • Reviewers cannot get to reviews. This s a partially fixed bug. A patch has been applied while a long resolution is performed. Reviewers would click a link from the site home page or the Reviews home page to go to a specific review. Instead of seeing the review, they would be redirected to the Resources home page. The redirect action as going to the wrong page - it should have gone to ether the Reviews home or the site home depending on the reason for the redirect - and have been corrected. The deeper problem is that the access level of the logged in user was not matching the user's Reviewer status. The story in review read the lower level status and threw the reviewer out as unauthorized. The access testing script has been modified slightly to allow current reviewers in, and research is being done to uncover why the access level does not correctly read the reviewer's status. Reported by Rhapsody and thelauderdale.
  • Error when new member logs in. The system incorrectly thought that a new member logging in was still in the registration process and looked for registration information. This has been corrected. Reported by Sky.
  • Doubled navigation box in Resources. When a member click on a link to see stories linked to a Research Library item, the user would see two navigation boxes with linking buttons in them. The second box has been replaced with the missing Main Menu. Reported by Elena Tiriel.

That's a quick run down. There have also been some typos corrected and a few other minor corrections.




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