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Drabble Requests!

There are more occasions than a birthday to ask for a drabble!

Do you have an anniversary?
Do you want to ask for drabbles for friend who is sick or depressed?
Do you know of an occasion coming up for a member that deserves a drabble or two?

Here's the place to ask for drabbles for any and all occasions!

We can't give you flowers at HASA, but we can give you drabbles. And those are blooms that will never wilt!




Congratulations and Drabble request! New baby!

Dear all,

One of our members, Rous, has become a grandmother for the second time this morning.

Rous' younger daughter, Jaela, gave birth to a little girl, Azaria-Ann, at 4:49 a.m. this morning.

Mother and child are well. And the grandmother is elated.

Congratulations, Rous! And all the best wishes for Jaela and Azaria-Ann!

And NOW I would like to ask all of you to join us in writing some suitable drabbles for this wonderful occasion!

Let's get a-drabbling, so that little Azaria-Ann will know from the start that it's all about elves!



"A baby is a bit of stardust blown from the hand of God."

(sigline found for you by Eärengil, with all the best wishes!)



Re: Congratulations and Drabble request! New baby!

Dear Rous,

Congratulations once again! And all my best wishes for your daughter and granddaughter.

And here is, as promised, a drabble for Azaria-Ann.

It's what I imagine Galadriel would sing for Arwen if Arwen was already pregnant with her first daughter before Galadriel left Middle-earth.


Dawn of a New Age


"Ázenya, great-granddaughter, let me sing to you, as you lie slumbering in your mother's womb.

Let me sing of your mother's people, the people of the stars.

Let me sing to you, of the blossoming of two trees and of the burning of white ships! Let me speak to you, of dark times and happy days and one golden ring! Let me whisper to you blessings in two languages that you will never speak!

When you burst forth from this cocoon of loving flesh, shine brightly, áze-anar, dawn of a new age. And know that I love you, even now."



Ázenya = áze + nya – my daylight

Áze-anar = daylight-sun


Lots of love,

Yours Juno



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