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Frodo - the KJV

A couple years ago, I wrote the King James Version for the If Other Authors Wrote LotR thread at Tolkien Online. The thread includes versions by Shakespeare, Joyce & Dr. Seuss, among others. Thought I'd see if it gave you a chuckle, too. DrummerGirl



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Thanks, DrummerGirl, these got my morning off to great start! Ann



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Glad you liked 'em, Ann.



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Hi DrummerGirl! I just read Frodo - KJV. It cracked me up! Oh...*giggles* sounds just like the Bible. If only my theology teacher would teach your (LotR) version of the Bible. That would be very interesting indeed. Nice work! ~Nienna



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Thanks, Nienna! Every now & then I get the urge to, uh, expand it, see how far I can take & maintain the Biblical language. (I had a very religious upbringing.) Then the moment passes. DrummerGirl



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