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One last entry for Bilbo's Birthday Challenge.

I decided I needed to get this scene out of my head. It is not very focused (I think I need to edit it a bit), but I liked the elements in it. Another brick in my growing Dwarf legendarium.




Re: Treasures

I dunno; it might not seem focused to you, but I didn't see anything I thought needed changing. I liked the elements too. Little Swallow was very believable, and I liked Bilbo's thoughts about never having seen a Dwarf without a beard before.

I liked Kestrel too. She was protective of her child, but not overly hostile to Bilbo. Golden-haired, with a melodious voice--I thought for just a moment she might be a cross between Dwarf and Elf, but then realized that was just my Elf-obsession talking. I liked that Bilbo was looking for signs of the differences between male and female dwarves. I would have been doing the same thing.

One thing I would have liked to see is a description of her beard. Is it a different texture than male beards, perhaps? Might it be decorated or braided in a slightly different way?

I enjoy your Dwarf legendarium, although I've only read about the Raven and the Lion Brigade. The culture you created for them is very believable, based on the little we know from Tolkien. Nice work, Ang!




Re: Treasures

Chapter 10 of OMY (I'm posted through Ch. 8, and am tweaking 9 & 10) has a good more chunk of the Dwarven view of Middle-earth, and then there are some more smatterings in the rest of the story.

This was fun to write - it just popped into my head one day in October as a few pictures, then got kicked into high gear by the movie & Deborah's post.

As for the beard [evil cackle] that you'll just have to wait to hear about. I have a story in planning (have some notes, have sketched on dialogue) which is Gimli and Legolas at Aglarond and Legolas finally asks about Dwarven women.

The Kestral has existed for some time - she just has not had a name or a role in the thinking. There is a an obscure reference to her in the last chapter of one of my Two Trees stories, the chapter "Honor Thy Dead" from Ancient History:

Honor Thy Dead
(will pop a new browser window)

The chapter is my account of Gimli & Legolas resolving their final antagonisms and distrust, but Legolas asks Gimli for a story about the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm, and Gimli obliges.

Anyway, count on seeing many Dwarves and references to Dwarves in my stories. I like them almost as much as I like Hobbits. :-)




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