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Ch. 61 - Umbar

Ch. 61 - Umbar

1 of 1 Denethor POV. Moderate warnings for violence.

Denethor and Thorongil set about securing their greatest desire despite the warnings. One exchange is all that stands between them and Doom. If only...

Scenes with Ecthelion, Finduilas, Thorongil, Brandir and other characters.




Re: Ch. 61 - Umbar

Well, now, since I got the story forums to bubble up, I think I'm going to make use of it to reply to some extensive comments. :-)


Oh. My. G*d.

Just the reaction I wanted to get. ;-) 

This is the most incredible description of the attack on Umbar I've ever read... Beautiful and horrific in equal measure.

Once I had invented Dragon Fire, I knew what I would use it for, but I didn't know just what it would do to the story as a whole.  When I first wrote about Dragon Fire, it was when reports of the use of white phosphorous as a weapon was coming out of Iraq. It struck me, given the technologies present in Middle-earth (Saruman's explosives at Helm's Deep, for example) that fire-bomb style weaponry would be both feasible and devastating.  And very, very effective. You'll see more about this in the next chapter. I'll hold off saying more about the Fire until after that.


The sad part is of course that now it would seem that Thorongil must leave not only Gondor, Denethor and Findulis, but us as well.

Yes, Thorongil is going. :-(  Even so, he will continue to be a part of the story. Denethor has worked himself up to the point where he is ready to surrender Gondor. In that context, Thorongil's absence is nearly as powerful as his presence.


And I love Finduilas part in all this - strong and doing battle herself for those she loves.

Absolutely. She is no doormat or "angel of the house" maternal figure. She is as much a ruler as Denethor (or Thorongil) and does not hesitate to act as she sees fit. With Thorongil out of the picture, she is going to get to do some rather interesting things - starting in the very next chapter.


I love your version of Denethor & Finduilas & their connection to each other. In fact, I'm falling in love with all of your OCs, even Beruthial! Her interaction with Denethor is riveting. I hope that we'll see more of that.

Oh, count on it. Denethor is going to have to do something about Maiaberiel. The conflict between these two will be well worth watching. I'm glad you enjoy my OCs - they are fun to write! The trouble is I keep inventing more and then they go off on side plots and, well,  the story keeps growing because of it.

The way you write Denethor & Finduilas's pov is very interesting, because we get to see what makes him tick & also witness other people's opinions about him. ... I can definitely see where Boromir & Faramir get their sense of honor & intellect.

It is where they get their courage and determination, too. In not too long Boromir is going to be old enough to be more than a cute scenery device. That's when I hope to draw out some other aspects of Denethor's character that must be true (given the characters of his sons) but does not get developed very well.

Thanks for all of the comemnts! 




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