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Ch. 52 - Hope

Ch. 52 - Hope

First of 3 Denethor POVs. No warnings. Well, except for an overly happy High Warden...

A few days in July as Denethor enjoys the fact that Finduilas finally is pregnant. Many small sub-plots are woven in to set up events further down the road. Mr. Grumpy has very little time in which to be anything except happy, quite an unusual experience for him. Brandir gets to say "I told you so" in his own, dear way.  Not many conversations, but a lot of observation. Denethor is about to embark on six of the happiest months of his life.

Many thanks to my diligent beta readers DL7, Roh_wyn and Julie, who continuously save me from my multitudinous writing sins.




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