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Ch. 50 - Campaign

Ch. 50 - Campaign

Second of three Finduilas POV chapters.  No warnings.

Finduilas continues to deal with "the sorrow" through politics. She moves to bring Thorongil completely over to Denethor's side, and to get him acccepted by her faction. Whorehouses remain a concern. Denethor makes clear his own desires where both Finduilas and Gondor are concerned.  A major transformation overtakes a central character. The story within the story continues, and a mystery is solved.

An introspective chapter. Not a lot of action, but a great deal of groundlaying.  Pay close attention to small details. Extended scenes with Denethor, Moraen, Laanga and Aiavale.  Thorongil and Imrahil have small but significant scenes. No new characters this round.

I hope this marks a return to a more regular publishing schedule between now and the end of the year.

Special thanks to Nath for her help in coming up with a name for a certain object.  DL7, Julie and roh_wyn  all contributed comments and editing to the chapter.




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