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Ch. 48 - Sleight

Ch. 48 - Sleight.

Surprise!  The muse showed up on my doorstep and I have another chapter finished sooner than I thought.

Third of three Denethor POVs.

Warnings: Grief, blunt talk about sex, violence.  You probably don't want to read this one at work. Also, though this post is appropriate for general audiences, please be careful to rate replies accroding to content.

Denethor's joy over Seeing Finduilas is rudely interrupted. Bad things happen to good people. And to bad ones. Denethor goes on a furious search, afraid of what he will find.

Gold star to whomever correctly guesses a certain character's identity first. Send me an email with your guess so you don't spoil the surprise.

Lots of introspective Denethor. Scenes with Finduilas, Aiavale, Morwen, Beregar, Thorongil, and three new OCs.

Toodles - Ang



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