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Ch. 39 - Change

Ch. 39 - Change

Thrid of three Denethor POVs. No warnings. Scenes with Finduilas, Borondir, Brandir, Maiaberiel, and Thorongil, plus a few others.

Denethor begins to understand that nothing will be the same. I also have a bit of fun turning an old sci-fi trope on its head. This is a relatively quiet chapter, but lays the groundwork for plot excitement later on.

Special thank yous to RohWyn, Nath and Julie for beta reading.

Toodles - Ang 



Re: Ch. 39 - Change

I read it the day you posted it. I love it, of course. I can't really comment as I would like, because it is time for finals, but I will after Wednesday (if I am alive).

I want more Thorongil, but you knew that. I love that guy! haha What does Denethor see in his face, eh? Arwen worship?

"He made love to her as tenderly as he knew how. Finduilas went to sleep immediately afterwards. Denethor watched her sleep, the melancholy of earlier creeping back. He wanted her to love him as he loved her, and could not help his tears, turning his face into the pillow so he would not wake her."

I absolutely loved that, so poignant...



Re: Ch. 39 - Change

Here's hoping you survived finals.

There will be plenty of Thorongil coming up, major scenes in the next 10 chapters or so. Once he figures a few things out (and he has, we just haven't heard about them yet), he will be able to interact with Denethor and Finduilas even more. Getting dumped was the best thing that could have happened to him.

Expect another chapter by Christmas.

Toodles - Ang 



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