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Ch. 26. - Kinship

Kinship Denethor POV. In this chapter, Denethor interacts with his biological and emotional families, with varying degrees of success. He also begins a great journey, and not just one of miles. There is a little more information about his time in Umbar. See if you can find the reference to Emerson, and to a famous work of art. My sincere thanks to all my alpha and beta readers: Julie, Nath, Cel, DL7, Two Flower, Denna, RohWyn and Joe. This is a far better story for your careful & critical attention. Toodles - Ang



Re: Ch. 26. - Kinship

Isn't the Emerson reference when Denethor walks through the gates of Pelargir?
The walk through the streets to the garrison was different this time. Denethor paused as they passed the gate in the Haven Wall and touched the black stone. It felt – familiar. Suddenly, he knew the city the same way he knew Minas Tirith or Osgiliath. He recalled his eagle’s view of Pelargir when he had first sought Finduilas in the palantír, and understood the deep order that lay in the stone of the city. Just as he had always known where the streets of Osgiliath ran – without seeing a map or even seeing the streets long-drowned – he now knew with certainty the ways of Pelargir as they once had been. For a moment, he wished to drop his pack and simply move about this known yet unapproachable place and try to touch all that had been and would not be again.
Emerson wrote, in "Experience"
I do not make it; I arrive there, and behold what was there already. I make! O no! I clap my hands in infantine joy and amazement, before the first opening to me of this august magnificence, old with the love and homage of innumerable ages, young with the life of life, the sunbright Mecca of the desert. And what a future it opens! I feel a new heart beating with the love of the new beauty. I am ready to die out of nature, and be born again into this new yet unapproachable America I have found in the West.
Can't fogure out the work of art, tho. I love this story. Please hurry and write more, soon!



Re: Ch. 26. - Kinship

Yes, that is the Emerson passage. I do my best to have a new chapter every two to three weeks. Glad you're enjoying the story! Ang



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