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MEFA (and other) award banners

I'm sure there used to be guidance about this on HASA somewhere, but after much poking about in various FAQs I can't find it [hangs head] and with the MEFA award season about to conclude I thought it might be timely:

What's site policy on authors displaying award banners/icons (from the MEFAs or other awards) related to their stories, and if it's permitted, what's the best way of adding an image to a story/chapter? (Would need to be 'chapter' in some of my cases, because some of my MEFA-nominated fics this year are drabbles and I have drabbles collected together on HASA as 'chapters' in a single ongoing-serial story)

I found the "Add image" button on the toolbar when editing a chapter, but I can't remember if site policy prefers us to add a link to an image elsewhere, or to save the image somewhere on HASA (and if so, where?) and then link to that. I tried using an external link to a MEFA award banner for one of my drabbles, but it didn't display - only the ALT text did.

Any admin advice appreciated! Cheers,




Re: MEFA (and other) award banners

No need to hang your head! Grin

You can now link any banner into either your story intro and/or the chapters of the story. In the past, we had problems with banners that were huge pieces of art work, sometimes multiples in the same story intro, that caused serious display problems in lists of stories. There is now code in the list pages that will strip out any images or extra HTML in story intros. However, on the story's own overview page or in any chapters, images will display.

Since the images will be stripped out, be sure to put text into the intros that say "MEFA 2011 Award winner [name of award]" so that people see that in the lists and so the search engines pick it up.

The image itself needs to live somewhere else, such as Picasa or Photobucket or a website you control. Get a URL to the image and use the Image tool in the story intro or the chapter toolbar to link and format the display.

Remember to prepare any images you link by resizing using a "save for web" option in photo editing software to ensure your image will display as quickly and accurately as possible.

Give me the URL of the story where you tried linking you banner and I can check for any code problems.




Re: MEFA (and other) award banners

Thanks Ang!  Hmm, I wonder why trying to link to the nominee banner didn't work, then. Take a look at:

(Chapter 14 of my Assorted Drabbles story - What the Lightning Said)

and tell me what idiocy I've committed...



Re: MEFA (and other) award banners

Hi Az,

Fixed! You had linked to the display page on Picasa instead of the image itself. To get an image's direct URL (in IE):

  1. Right-click directly on the image
  2. Select "Properties"
  3. In the pop-up dialog box, Look for "Address (URL)" about half way down the box
  4. Select the text of the address.
  5. If the address is long, it will have wrapped around and may have a hidden scroll. Just keep selecting and moving your mouse slightly down until you can see the file extension - .gif, .jpg or .png.
  6. Once you've selected the address, right-click or CTRL-C to copy, and paste the URL into Notepad to hold it for you while you get your image tag ready for the URL.

You can always test your image URL by just pasting it into a browser address bar and hitting enter. That will tell you if the URL will work.




Re: MEFA (and other) award banners

D'oh! Well, I'm using Firefox, but I see what I did wrong and what I should have done instead - should have spotted that the URL didn't end in the right type of file extension. Thanks Ang!



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