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Stories with more than one author

I belong to a group that writes short stories jointly.  That is, each person involved takes one or more characters, and we write the story together, taking turns.  Is it permitted to post stories of that kind here?  I would have the permission of everyone involved, and would be writing for at least one character myself.

I wasn't sure what your policies are for stories with more than one author.





Re: Stories with more than one author

Hi Chelle,

Yes, that is allowed. HASA has several author groups who jointly write stories.

There is an entire section of HASA for joint story writing - the Workshop. There will be a How To on setting up a workshop in tomorrow's news post. You can also review the Workshop FAQ page.

All of you can write together.

  1. Create a workshop. If your writing group has a name, make that the workshop name. You'll be the workshop owner.
  2. Have the other authors join HASA. Membership is free and takes only a minute.
  3. Once they join, add them to the workshop.
  4. You can now all write stories, add chapters, create playlists, have a private discussion forum in a workshop just for the group.

The one restriction on HASA is each story is connected to only one author, so one of you would be listed as the author, but everyone else could be listed in the story summary.




Re: Stories with more than one author

The How-to on how to set up a workshop so you can work on stories with several authors is posted now!



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