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Other sites involved

On 19 November 2006 - HASA's Site Managers received this email from viggomaniac.

From: viggomaniac

Re: accusations of plagiarism and 'henry p' -- that person has also accused Sindarinelvish. I got an e-mail several months ago making that complaint because I recommended a story by that author on my Profile Page at FanFiction.Net. I don't remember exactly what I wrote back to this person other than to say that I didn't see any real similarity between her story 'Estel of Rivendell' and SindarinElvish's story 'The Havens of Rivendell'. I didn't hear anything more from her after that. This is more or a less a 'thought you might like to know' in case Sindarin Elvish 'hears' accusations like that again.

From your Site Managers - We felt we owed it to our members to pursue all of the allegations vigorously and with an open mind - looking at both sides of the picture, researching every bit of information, including emails, playlists, reviews, mail sent through HASA, responses through HASA, and comments using the HASA tools that are available to all members.

We felt we owed it to fanfiction to post a public announcement. We are very pleased to learn that we are the only website involved that posted an announcement to prevent the same thing happening to other authors in the fanfic world. The websites involved were  - Council of Elrond, Stories of Arda, and the latest,

We received permission from viggomaniac and Sindarinelvish to post the above information.

Your HASA Site Managers



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