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Such an original title .... beta needed hehe

I've been looking at some of my stories that are posted and even though they had great betas on a couple, there were still little mistakes in them that I've caught. Its really hard for one beta to catch everything so I'd like someone to double check them. Also some of my earlier stories weren't beta'ed at all. I could leave them up there as is since most of them are from 2004 but everytime I see them, they just irritate me lol One in particular because I think overall the story is okay (Story 1) but its needs some major beta'ing. None of this is in a hurry because, like I said its been posted since 2004 and therefore, its no biggie if it stays in its original form until it can be beta'ed.  All of these are Het - no slash.

So here is what I need:

Story 1 - Boromir/OFC fic from 2004- never been beta'ed. Needs major help since it was one of my first stories and has lots of modern language and so on. Rated R for very mild smut. Its mainly movie verse I suppose and does include a fairly evil Denethor. (which is why I say its movie verse) This story seems to have potential BUT it needs help. 10 chapters

Story 2 - Estel/OFC - canon was thrown out the window on this one. And my OFC (an elf in Rivendell) never heard of LaCE. Its very smutty and NC17. In fact - its just flat out UGH!Embarassed and I might not even worry about getting it beta'ed except its part one of a series.  Another one of my first stories before I discovered the wonderful world of betas. Also before I discovered punctuation, tense, and grammar ROTFLMAO7 chapters.

Story 3 - Legolas/OFC - ahhh the dreaded Legomance!!!  Part 2 of the series mentioned above. She changed partners. Its really not as bad as it sounds....well maybe it is. Anyway, people seem to actually like this story on one site so I'd like to get it beta'd. Same as the story above - needs major help and its smutty, non-canon, and anti-LaCE.  11 chapters

Story 4 - Legolas/OFC - this is the part 3 of the series and thankfully it WAS beta'd by some great betas. However, it had a bunch of different betas and I think it can be checked again. Once again - movie verse, non-canon, smutty and this one is dark and has torture, rape, and violence in it against the OFC and others but NOT committed by a canon character (no evil Legolas torturing anyone - dont' worry)  10 chapters

Story 5 - Eomer/OFC - this is another one that was previously beta'd by some great betas but it has some mistakes and needs some fixing up. I noticed in one section, four paragraphs in a row started with 'Eomer looked...' and in another section tons of the word 'look'. I guess I was in a look phase. Rolling my eyes This is a WIP that I'm trying to find a co-writer for so I'd like it to be in better shape when someone takes it over (I hope) or I decide to finish it. VERY smutty but no non-con. AU, non-canon, LaCE impaired, and movie verse. 15 chapters

Please let me know if you'd be interested in helping me out here.



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