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Searching for a Beta


I am searching for a Beta for my first story with more than 500 words, but still a short story (5-6 pages). It is a story for the 'tale within a tale' challenge and stars some rangers and a tale set in the far, far east.

You would both have to correct my many mistakes and tell me if the story makes sense and help me improve it where it does not.

I hope someone wants to take up with me.




Re: Searching for a Beta

I am also searching for a beta. While reading through the nuzgul hutch section, I was inspired by a nuzgul that dealt with the changes to Middle-earth's history that would have resulted if Elured and Elurin had lived.

I would be willing to beta your story, Vilwarin.



Re: Searching for a Beta

Thank you, Teleri.

I have never done that before, hehe, so I think you could just send me a message so that I have your e-mail adress, and we an talk further about it and I can send you the story, yes?




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