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Help...Beta desired!

Alas, this is my first time attempting to write for someone elses enjoyment! I've never really had to create conversations before, so in order to get started I have signed up for one of the new member challanges. I have the first chapter completed and need a patient sounding board that will be honest. My intent is to keep this story between 2-4 chapters, so we shouldn't take too long! I'm not too tender-hearted, so constructive help will not crush my spirit! LOL

I'm rather fond of anything elvish, but disinclined to write slash at this time, so beta age not an issue.



Re: Help...Beta desired!

I seem to have some time at the moment, so I'm willing to give it a try. I've not beta'ed much, so as long as you're willing to give me feedback on my beta'ing, then I'll give it a go!

(I was wavering till I looked at your bio and found the character list on the story - which tells you which characters I like!)




Re: Help...Beta desired!

Thanks! My theory is any help is better then no help! And I could definately use it.



Re: Help...Beta desired!

I noticed that your story's been updated recently and I just wondered if you still needed me (I know I've been crap and slow).



Re: Help...Beta desired!

I've actually had alot of help so far, but any feedback you might want to give would still be REALLY appreciated...This challange ends soon, so i've had to rush a bit. I've added a second chapter, so let me know what you think of it.

Oh, and I hope your feeling better now. I hate colds with a passion!



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