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Need a Beta

I am looking for a Beta(s) for a novel-length story. The story is posted as a HASA Beta story ("The Princess and the Horse Lord"). I describe it in my HASA summary as: "Éomer meets Lothíriel – A canon-mindful AU story of love set in a time of war and its aftermath." I intend the characters to be true to canon—brave, intelligent, highly motivated—but additionally to be funny, flawed and occasionally lacking in judgment. Humor is important, but this is in no sense a parody or a comedy. There is fairly extensive exploration of differences between Men and Elves. Includes pre-marital sex, and romantic entanglements that are less "non-canon" than written between the lines. There are explicit erotic sequences. If you want to take a shot at it and would prefer to read it as a Word document, I can e-mail the chapters to you. Obviously, one would not have to commit for the entire story. I have written approximately 13 chapters of 45,000 words. It is perhaps half finished. Please let me know if want to take a shot at it…e-mail: Thanks for your consideration— Oshun



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