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Beta requested

Hey y’all, Curuevo here

My fic’s called ‘Desert Dreaming’, and is part of the ‘Where the Stars are Strange’ and also the ‘All OC’S All The Time’ challenges (Although the idea was inspired by the ‘WTSAS’ challenge…the ‘AOATT’ was just a nice bonus )

Summary: East of Rhûn lies the Great Desert, and within the desert lies the Tribe. Who knows what may happen where the stars are strange? 3rd Age-post Ring War, General Rating.

Could be considered AU, I suppose, but I don’t really think so, since everything happens exactly the same as the Professor has written it, you just don’t hear about it much Everything takes place in the East, in the Great Desert, and there are only really mentions of the places and events in the Sil and LOTR. All of the characters are OC’s… and there are a few words and phrases in a partially-invented language of mine, but not too many, and they don’t necessarily need translating.

No real warning’s that I can think of… apart from an OC-warning, I suppose, if it were necessary…

However, I don’t think – at the moment – that I want a beta for the whole piece just yet. I’d like a beta for the chapter that I’m currently writing/editing (which is only the first chapter), to just basically check grammar, spelling, presentation etc, but also to check if the ‘voice’ of the chapter is alright…I can’t explain it exactly, but basically to see if it reads well and is interesting…

I’d also like someone who would be willing, if I changed my mind, to Beta the whole story, when it gets written (I’m awkward, I know )

Here’s an extract of ‘Desert Dreaming’ (exceedingly short, I know)

From the Prologue – The Teller of Tales

It was the night of the dark moon and the great fire had been lit in readiness for the ceremonies that were to be performed later, to ensure that day – and light – would be returned to the world. But for now the space around the fire was for the young ones and their small feast; roasted nuts and salted beef, with carven horn beakers of cordial or water. The younglings were waiting to do their duty that night, and while they waited, they ate.

Slowly, an impossibly ancient and wrinkled woman hobbled out of one of the caves near the fire. Two of the young ones leapt up to assist her. Dressed in the finest furs the tribe owned, her face painted with barbaric stripes and markings, this was the Teller of Tales! That which the younglings fondly imagined as their duty every darksome moon had become tradition in the Tribe; for the Teller of Tales to leave their cave, find a seat by the fire and share a new tale with the children of the Tribe. And this year was to be no different.

Led to her seat by the two young ones, the wizened old woman surveyed the waiting children with sharp, intelligent eyes…

I would prefer to receive comments to my email address, if possible, but if there’s any way that’s easier for anyone then let me know!

And one single comment about my net time – I’m coming up to exam time here at Uni, so I have to keep a limit on my time. Shouldn’t be too bad, I just thought I should mention it!

So…any interest?




Re: Beta requested

I am, if you trust an ESL with some 800,000 English words in stories in terms of writing experience...

Send it over, if you'd like to try me: juno at magic ms

(I'm so intrigued by the topic...)




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