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Long-Term Beta requested

I'm looking for a beta-reader who would be willing to work with me on whole stories. I have alot of trouble continuing a good idea after I start it. So this is my current story:

Halloween themed fic that revolves around the telling of scary tales in Mirkwood. They revolve around the curse of the black-river (I know there isn't really a curse but I made one up for scare sake). The story involves Aragorn and Legolas.
The purpose of this fic is to raise some hairs so I'm looking for help in getting rid of useless words to increase the creepy factor.

Others I am working on are:

1. Tales from Beaneath Trees. A story about the three children of Mirkwood and creating a more casual image of elven behavior. This would involve two brother's and one sister whose relationship spans the death of one brother, the departure of another and the romances of all. (I know, summary's not that great right?)

2. A tale post-ring war tale where Aragorn and Legolas discover a village where there adventures seem like they came out of fairy tales. I draw on a lot of Grimm's Brothers stories for this one. Nothing too angsty, just a lot of fantasy and magic.


I'm ready to recieve advanced criticism for I'm looking to significantly improve my writing and move away from cliches and the like.
I would a appreciate a beat reader who is more versed in Tolkien than I am, so as to point out the little discrepancies in my plots. Also, I would be more interested in an e-mail based relationship than one based on forum comments.

This in an open invitation and I would appreciate any help anyone has to offer. Thank you.



Re: Beta needed

Hi Ebony!

What are you working on?

If you can give us a few more details - how many stories, length, genre (AU? Canon? Silm? LOTR? Romance? Adventure?) and where exactly you feel you might need help, I am sure someone will find the time to give you a hand.





Re: Beta needed

Hi Ebony,

Could you please take a look at this post:

How it works - authors

This tells you exactly what you ought to post in here so that potential beta readers can decide if your story fits them.

Thank you!

You can also take a look at the Beta Readers List and approach a beta reader directly whose beta reader profile fits your stories.

If you write elves and it's a short story, I could take a look at it in two weeks, if you are willing to wait that long.




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