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Looking for beta...


I'm looking for a beta, obviously.  I'm hoping to find someone who would be a long-term beta for me, and I would be absolutely willing to trade beta jobs if desired (I'll read almost anything, too).

Most of what I write is focused around Gondorians, 3rd age/ Ring War.  I'm really hung up on Boromir, so you would be seeing a lot of him.  I also occasionally write Hobbits or general Fellowship stuff, or make forays into other races and ages, and I do wander off into AU's when I feel the need.  I do write slash, often sibcest and incest and sometimes bdsm, but I also write gen and maybe the rare het story.  I seem to write pretty heavy angst on occasion, and I sometimes write crossovers and humor.  At least one story I'm working on has possible battle-gore squicks.

Most of what I think I need is somebody to spot plot-holes, glaring canon errors, OOC'ness, or to tell me if it's Just A Bad Idea.  Also it would be great if I could toss ideas around with you when WIP's get stuck.  I'm pretty good about the technical stuff like spelling and grammar, so you wouldn't have to do much of that.  I'm also pretty thick-skinned about criticism- I may not agree with you, but I won't get upset about it, unless you're just plain vicious.  ;)

If this sounds like it might be something you would be interested in doing, reply here and we'll figure out how to correspond.  (I would prefer email, but I'm flexible)  If there is anything else you need to know, just ask.  You can find some of my stories here for an example of my writing.  Oh, and I know we all have lives, but I do write a fair amount (most of my stories so far are short, as in 1-10k words, but I write a lot of them) and relatively quick betas will win my undying devotion.  ^__^

Thanks to all who reply!



Re: Looking for beta...

If you're still looking for a beta, I'd like to offer my services.

I am in the midst of an archived Gondorian epic and have a good background in terrain, distances, customs, etc. As far as POV, I prefer using more than one... I get bored with only one POV, though some folk disagree.

Anyhow - good luck with your tale




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