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Hi! I'm Evo. I just joined HASA, and I've decided to get as involved as possible in...well...everything! First thing, of course, I took up a challenge, but I'd also like to offer my services as a beta to anyone who would like them. I'm on the Beta readers index, but here's some info about my general beta-help available: I read pretty much everything, though I doubt I'd be a very good poetry or hobbit-beta; not much experience with poetry, and I'm not overly-keen on hobbits! I'm an Ok grammar-beta, but not overly-great. For cannon I'm better with Silm and LOTR than Hobbit, etc, and the only elvish I know I've picked up on, for example, The Council Of Elrond site, or other peoples stories. Willing to try anything once, really, so just give me a try if you want! Evo



Re: Beta Available

Will you do slash?  If you will, I'll give ya a try.



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Hi Luthien, Yeah, of course I'll do slash - as I say, I read pretty much everything! Just email me a summary and what ever else you want to send to: and I'll read it. Just give me a few days, because I'm going out-of-town tonight, but I'll be back on sunday night and I can look then! See you later. Evo



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Would you be interested in beta-ing a light/comical Thranduil romance I am working on? I've had my friend read over part of it, but she's been busy lately and another viewpoint would also be most welcome.

I basically need only a little help with making sure that everything flows together (sentences and plot) and need to know if I am straying too far from canon book events and characterization for believability. I don't know very much about the age I am writing in (I am aiming for the latter part of the Second Age) and have basically stayed clear from all historical events for fear of mixing stuff up. It would be nice to have someone tell me how close or far away from the mark I am.





Re: Beta Available

Yeah, I'd love to! I must admit that Thranduil isn't my usual area, but I'll give it a go, if you'd like.

I don't know how you'd prefer to do this; whether you'd like me to read and comment on HASA, or through email - my email addy is

Just send me a summary and whatever else you want to send, and I'll look aver it asap!




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Thanks so much! I'm sorry it took me so long to reply, my interenet has been down for the last week. I just sent you an email.

Don't worry, Thranduil isn't my area of expertise either. I thought I was a devoted Legolas fan who would only ever write stories about him, until my Thranduil muse kindly informed me that I would write stories about him first--and who am I to oppose the King of Greenwood? ;)

Thanks again,




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