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Beta needed for two Gondorian fics

Errr. . .hello? Okay, I need a beta for two fics I've written that currently rest in the Beta category, A Tangled Melody and As Time Goes By. A Tangled Melody is a first-person fic from the viewpoint of a nine-year old girl. I'm having trouble with voice since I'm not sure how a child In Gondor thinks or talks. It's set in Gondor during the rule of Denethor II and does involve Not Evil!Denethor and sons. As Time Goes By is a light-hearted diary fic set in the Fourth Age. The heroine is one of Aragorn's daughters (No Legolas romance, I swear) who's thirteen years old. Again, trouble with voice. Also, I was lazy checking so there's a few errors I should have corrected that I haven't yet. Help? Thanks! Namarie! Loremaster



Re: Beta needed for two Gondorian fics

I'll give it a shot.




As I stated before, they are found in the beta category. When you're done tearing them apart, do send me an email or put your suggestions here or in my forum, Various Writings of Loremaster of Anorien. Thanks! Namarie! Loremaster



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