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Discussing: Beta Needed for long, dark Éomer-fic (slightly AU)

Beta Needed for long, dark Éomer-fic (slightly AU)

Hi guys, I hope you can help me out with this! I'm looking for a beta for my long (120 pages) Éomer-FIC "A Rohan Ghost STory", which is rather dark and angsty, but not explicit, I think. It's slightly AU (Eomer being called out of Meduseld because many of their horses have been slaughtered in a valley of the White MOuntains, and meeting an old enemy there), and you find it on this site. Since the story is already completed, the beta would mainly be for grammar and spelling, but I since I'm a sucker for constructive criticism (and it's never to late to change a story for the better) I would of course also be interested in any other comments you would like to share. Thanks a lot!



Re: Beta Needed for long, dark Éomer-fic (slightly AU)

I'm here at your disposal. My email is



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