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Beta needed- be prepared for arty prose

This is very, very beta; I was looking towards the 'Death to Fanon' challenge, partly with 'Conversations with the King' and 'A Sense of Duty' from in the back of my mind, and a small point from LaCE... For a start I think the title sucks. I suck at titles. Anyway. I'm still reading on Virginia Woolf (and really should be doing now), and my usual mad prose abounds. This is your last warning... Still Shining Obviously this is just chapter one...



Re: Beta needed- be prepared for arty prose

You might also want to put the story in a Workshop, so potential beta readers can easily make comments right in the story text.... rather than having to remember them or cut and paste bits into a message. Gwynnyd Workshop Admin



Re: Beta needed- be prepared for arty prose

Sounds interesting... I agree with the other comment, though, Workshop makes things much easier, in my opinion. (Besides, it's shiny and new.) The 'Death to Fanon' challenge sounded really interesting to me... and I like your story so far. So if you are interested in having me beta this, let me know! (A Sense of Duty made me cry. Long and hard. And get pink-eye contaminated tears all over the office, but that's beside the point.)



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