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Workshop is ready!

In Workshop (when you are logged in to HASA check the Sections dropdown to find the link) every member can have an individual workshop or "shop" as a place to ask for beta reader comments. HASA members can also join other shops and add their stories to them, for jointly editing their work. Shops can either be: Site shops for projects such as challenges, work on the resource library or general discussion of story ideas; Open shops, where members are free to "drop in" on other members' works in progress; or Private shops, where a few members work together, out of sight of other HASA members, on stories of interest to them all. To show the possibilities of this new method for leaving comments for authors, in the Beta Readers Resources shop there is a test story that was deliberately (Really. I should know. I wrote it) written with errors of spelling, grammar, canon and style. The chapter was 'cloned' by beta readers and commented on. You are welcome to join the shop and see the new and different ways a story can be commented on at HASA by looking at the different chapters of the story. COLORS! Beta readers can leave comments in different colors right in a copy of the story text! A real WYSIWYG - word processing like text editor! No more html coding! You are welcome to 'clone' the chapter yourself (just one click on the 'clone' link next to the chapter title is all you need to do) and try your hand at using these new editing tools by clicking on 'edit chapter' after you have made your clone. You are encouraged to go to Workshop, create a workshop for yourself (it's as easy as making a forum) and link any of your stories that you would like to have a beta reader look at to it. You can make the shop open or private, whichever you'd prefer. Or feel free to join any of the site shops - there is one for each major division, Elves, Men, Dwarves, Hobbits and Bad Guys - and link your stories there for comments. Have fun using this new area of HASA! Workshop has more to offer than just shops, there are also "playlists" and special forums. For more information check out the Workshop FAQ or ask your questions here and I'll do my best to answer them. Gwynnyd Workshop Admin



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