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Need a Beta Reader?

I would really like to start beta-reading stories for people, either short-term or long-term, so let me know if you are interested! I would be willing to do pretty much any kind of beta reading, and I'm very familiar with literary devices, grammar, and the like. I have read The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and The Silmarillion, so I would be willing to beta-read for any of those. I especially love Gondor and Númenor, but I'm open to anything. I have a rather generous amount of time on my hands, and could beta daily. Stories I wouldn't be interested would be those with slash, sex, or over-the-top angst. Let me know if you are interested, and we'll see what happens! Have a great day!



Re: Need a Beta Reader?

At the moment, I could really use a beta-reader's comments/thoughts/suggestions on my piece "Small Offerings" So far, no one has really told me what they think of it and I'd like an honest critique/opinion. Thank you a million. Let me know if ya wanna give it a shot! (you can either ask for e-mail address and I can send you the story in as an attachment or you can just read it here on the site and post your thoughts in my forum. whatever works for you ) God bless, D.



Re: Need a Beta Reader?

I'd love to do it! Why don't you go ahead and e-mail it to me (, and let me know what kind of things you would like me to look out for. Thanks!



Re: Need a Beta Reader?

I have just began writing in English, and I'm never sure about grammar and the order of the words in a sentence. I would like help in that. Now, I'm writing mostly drabbles, and working in something longer (800 words more or less). Could you help me? Thanks, Elena



Re: Need a Beta Reader?

Hi Elena, I am not a native speaker myself (I'm German and working with what I learned at school), so I know very well about feeling unsure about grammar & all that. If you just want to try writing some Tolkien fanfiction and practicing your English at first, I would suggest you get a LiveJournal and join the writers' workshop and Live Journal Community of "There and Back Again" that I co-moderate. There you have the chance to participate in different writing exercises and if you ask for it, I am sure that you would also get specific feedback on English grammer/spelling etc. For example, in May we practiced writing love scenes/romantic scenes. We have also done POV and description exercises and drabbles in the past. "There and Back Again" is loosely connected to HASA (because many of the members are also members at HASA and there is also a HASA Workshop "There and Back Again" for archiving the exercises) . I am sorry to say that I have no time to beta any more stories at the moment (I am already betaing two and working on my own stories), but I would really like to help you along. So if you have any questions, please contact me any time at all! My e-mail address is and I am online on YIM as juno_magic. Yours Juno



Re: Need a Beta Reader?

If you're wanting help with grammar/word order, I can certainly help with that! I can do the other stuff, too, of course. Throw me an e-mail, and we'll see what we can do. (why am I using the royal "we"?)



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