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Need a beta

I am looking for a beta. I do have someone that checks for grammar, and I use spell-check, so those are not the big issue. I need help with plot and maybe some canon. The story I have is currently fifteen chapters and promises to be more. I am very sensitive concerning this story, so kid gloves are a must. Most of my writings are for me alone, so others' opinions do not bother me. If you are interested, e-mail me The story is A/U, but not horrendously so. It does follow canon to a great degree. It is slower paced than most of the other stories. It does focus on an OC. I know most find this distasteful, but it is my story.



Re: Need a beta

Hey Rous, Just some helpful hints from your Welcome Manager here. Since you've asked for a beta, it's always good to give some details about the fic you'd like betad. Generally, you'll want to tell us the following things: Title: If you have one, go ahead and rename this thread with the title of your fic. Also, you can add a short description - ie, Third Age Boromir Lives AU, or Critical Essay on Feanor. Summary: Since it seems like you've got a good chunk written, feel free to post a brief summary of your story. You don't necessarily need to give it all away (should there be spoilers... ), but you can definitely tell us the general outline of the plot - just what you have in mind. Also, it's good to put warnings for things like violence, explicit het/slash, etc. which some betas may not be willing to cover. (If your fic is going to earn an Adult rating, it's good to edit your first post and adjust the thread's audience so it's Mature Content.) Type of beta needed: Here, it's good to point out the specific issues you'd like your beta to address. For example, you could ask for a purely grammatical beta, or else you could ask for an all-around beta who'll check grammar, writing style, plot structure and everything else. Length of beta needed: You'll want to specify whether you want a beta for just this fic, or if you'd like to establish a long-term working relationship. Probable length of fic: Here, just a rough idea of how long you think it'll be (novel-length, less than 50,000 words, less than 10,000 words, etc). Preferred contact method: This can be your e-mail, your forum, or whatever you want. Sample: And here's the part which will help most in attracting beta readers. You'll want to put a short sample of your story; an extract from a scene, for example. This can be around 600-800 words - and you can use whatever you want. Hope that helps! If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me. Aeneid Welcome Manager



Re: Need a beta

I would do it. Plot and canon are not a problem for me.



Re: Need a beta

Here are some particulars for the story I have in mind Title: I do not really have one yet. The working title is "A Butterfly Effect ll) It is part two of a finished section. Summary: Part one dealt with the raising of a young girl found on the seashore. She is half-elven, but also has the blood of most of the major races in Arda. Hobbit, Haran, and Indrel, a people from the far south and east, beyond Haran. Type of beta needed: I would like to interest someone who is good with grammar. I am, but I do miss things. And spell-check is not always reliable. I also need someone with a good working knowledge of canon. My story is A/U, but I am trying to stick to canon as much as possible. Mostly, someone who will not let me stray too far afield. Length of beta needed: This is the fic I am looking for someone to beta. However, the first part is 160,000 words plus. So, this one could go as long. It has taken me about a year to write and re-write this. Preferred contact method: I would prefer you use my e-mail. My primary one is However, it is having issues at the moment. My secondary is A word of caution, I am overly sensitive about this story. I try not to be, but it is only one of two I really care about. So, if I wig out on you, can you handle it? Sample: It is kind of hard to give a sample of the current story, so I will give a link to the finished part. You will need to read it anyway. (I cannot get this to work, so just copy and paste.) Thank you for your consideration.



Re: Need a beta

Hi Rous.

Are you still looking for a beta? I've read what you have posted on OSA and I'd be glad to work with you.




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