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October 2013 Birthday Cards

Birthday folks: Is your birthday in October and you would be delighted by a little story gift from your fellow HASA members? Then state your request here in this thread. To collect your birthday cards in one place, you can create a birthday workshop story.

Authors: Let yourselves get inspired by the suggestions - a chance to be creative and to make a fellow HASA member happy at the same time! Just like the recipients, you can collect the stories you've written in a  birthday workshop story.

And don't forget to add your birthday cards to the 2013 Birthday Cards Challenge.

Here's a short recap on how to do that:

  • Add each birthday present as a chapter in your story, using the story name (and the birthday recipient if there is room) as the story chapter. If you can't fit the person's name into the chapter title, just include it as the first opening line in the chapter.
  • Be sure you give each chapter a number and set the status to public so everyone can read it!
  • Since most birthday card stories are pretty short, you might include the birthday recipient's wish for what kind of story she wanted. Paste it from the forum.
  • In your story summary, you can list out who you've written stories for if you like.
  • It's up to you on the order you want to give your chapters - Alphabetical by recipient, order by month chronologically, newest first, etc.

In case you need help or have a comment, question or suggestion, please post it here or send me an e-mail - I'll do my best to help.



Re: October 2013 Birthday Cards

Actually, my birthday is November 1st, but close enough to October, no?  I would like stories of the LONG WINTER, a tricky subject.  I tried writing one such and got hung up on the matter of whether my protagonist would live or die.  Better luck to you!



Re: October 2013 Birthday Cards

Challenge accepted.




Re: October 2013 Birthday Cards


*prods plotbunnies*



Re: October 2013 Birthday Cards

Hi Cuinwen,

I just set up the new thread for our November birthday cards, and placed your request there, so it's sorted in the right month.

But thanks for reminding me to set up the new threads a few days earlier so people with birthdays at the beginning of a month have a few days more to state their requests and get the creative juices flowing around here Grin.

Birthday Cards Volunteer



Re: October 2013 Birthday Cards

Thanks, Imhiriel, you're good



Re: October 2013 Birthday Cards

@ Aruthir and Nath - Goodie!  Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!Wave



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