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July 2012 Birthday Cards

Hello fellow HASA members,

from this month on, you will see some changes in the way Birthday Cards are handled and featured on the site.

From now on, you will be able to add the cards you wrote for your fellow HASA members directly to the annual Birthday Challenge. That means you won't have to make the step of 1) having to create a workshop story and only enter 2) that into the challenge. (But naturally, you can still use the workshop stories for your own purposes to create various collections of cards you received or wrote.)

The best part is: from now on, during the first week of a month all birthday cards you wrote the month previous and entered into the challenge will be featured on the homepage, in honour of the birthday celebrants and to showcase your gifts. That means e.g. that all the stories you wrote for June birthday folks and put into the challenge will be shown the first week of July.

To recapitulate, here's a very neat and handy list Anglachel wrote:

  • Request and post your birthday stories as you usually do, in the Birthday forum for the month.
  • If you're writing a birthday story, also create a regular story such as "Anglachel's 2012 Birthday Gifts."
  • Enter your story in the 2012 Birthday Cards Challenge.
  • Add each birthday present as a chapter in your story, using the story name (and the birthday recipient if there is room) as the story chapter. If you can't fit the person's name into the chapter title, just include it as the first opening line in the chapter.
  • Be sure you give each chapter a number and set the status to public so everyone can read it!
  • Since most birthday card stories are pretty short, you might include the birthday recipient's wish for what kind of story she wanted. Paste it from the forum.
  • In your story summary, you can list out who you've written stories for if you like.
  • It's up to you on the order you want to give your chapters - Alphabetical by recipient, order by month chronologically, newest first, etc.

You will perhaps note that some people have been using similar titles for collections of birthday cards they received instead of wrote. Is this too confusing for you? Do you think it sufficient to clarify in the story summaries? Do you have a suggestion to improve this part (or any other) of the new changes, or have any questions? Please speak up, I'd welcome your input!

And as ever, if you need help, or further clarification, let me know, here in this forum or in private e-mail!

HASA Birthday Cards Volunteer

And with that, I open the floor to your regularly scheduled birthday requests Grin...

July, 2nd - TariElfLady: I'd love to have some stories about Elves.

July, 15th - maeglin: I'd like something about Curufinwë (Atarinke, not Feanaro) in Valinor - preferably before the tragedy at Aqualonde.



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

How do I request a Birthday card?  My birthday is July 2nd.  I know one person who would write something for me.




Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Requesting a story is pretty easy, Tari- say "my name is Tari, my birthday is on (insert date here) and I would like a story about (insert your wish here)". All the other rules of asking (as it were) are contained within Imhiriel's first post in this thread!



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

This one is not technically part of the regular Birthday Challenge, but I'd like to draw everybody's attention to HASA's 10th birthday Challenge, HASA at 10!, which will run the whole of this month.



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards this is a Challenege to get behind!

Who to add to the Fellowship, though? The choices, the choicesss...



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Who to add to the Fellowship, though? The choices, the choicesss...


I'm looking forward to what - or possibly who - you come up with. Who, me?



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Put up a tale for HASA's birthday. Hope it is at least close to what you thought appropriate.

Happy Birthday, HASA!



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Well, I am wondering what's going to happen later on... (which is always a good sign ;-) )



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

What an inspiring challenge!  Choicesss indeed   Here's my shot: A Sudden Keen Glance. Happy Birthday, HASA!



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

My name is TariElfLady.  Although July 2nd is past, I still would love to have some stories about Elves.

Thank so much.



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Hi Tari,

sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Aruthir explained everything exactly right Grin. I saw you requested your birthday card further down, and I have edited the header post accordingly. I hope you had a happy birthday, and that you will get a few late birthday cards from your HASA fellows.

Birthday Cards Volunteer



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday, Tari!

It's only peripherally about Elves (and some of them are half-Elves), but here it is:

Meet us in Bree

"There's strange things happening in the Chetwood these last few days," the villager said. "Shapes like Men, but glowing... Most unnatural." He shook his head.

"Probably something from the Downs," another muttered, shivering. "Best steer clear until they're gone."

In a dark corner of the Common Room, two Rangers sat.

"Wights?" Aragorn whispered with a grin.

"Elves," Halbarad replied.

"At least we know where they are now," Aragorn said. "But wait... days? They were supposed to meet us yesterday."

"Well, I'm not going out into the rain tonight," Halbarad replied. "There's a warm, dry room upstairs. Tomorrow is soon enough."



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Hi, all!  My birthday, too, has come and gone (it was the 15th), but if inspiration strikes, I'd like something about Curufinwë (Atarinke, not Feanaro) in Valinor - preferably before the tragedy at Aqualonde





Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Happy belated birthday, maeglin!



"Think you Father will be able to sway Olwë?" Telufinwë asked.

"If he speaks as well as he did in Tirion," Macalaurë replied, "I do not see why not."

Both the twins nodded in answer. "Then we better prepare to go on board soon," Pityafinwë said with a grin. "Father can be very persuasive."

Curufinwë ignored the talk among his brothers. It mattered little. In the end, even if the Teleri did not join them, he did not doubt that Father would take the ships. Need makes right, and we have no time to spare the craven or the indecisive.


....what? Who, me? It is before Alqualondë...



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Thanks Nanth.  I loved it.  (Wouldn't mind finding some shimmering lights in my own back yard.



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Hah!  Before, indeed   Nice picture of the brothers just before their father's (and Olwë's) tragically defining moment.  A wiser Teler king, given the circumstances, would have compromised and agreed to ferry the Noldor (thus keeping both his people and his ships), but that would have made the tale altogether different...



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Happy belated birthday, Tari. Hope you don't mind that I threw a Dwarf in with the Elf. (I forgot - no Dwarf tossing!)

The Long And The Short Of It (In which Legolas and Gimli spar)

A Drabble

"Does my beard offend you, Elf. I washed it a fortnight ago. I combed out bits of lembas yesterday."

"Combed out?" The Elf sputtered.

This gladdened the Dwarf's heart. "Aye, laddie. Only this morning I sat on your bedroll and preened myself."

He watched. Legolas clutched the paddle until his knuckles shone white.

The Dwarf stifled the laughter that gurgled in his throat.

Legolas pulled the paddle from the water and turned on his friend.

"I have no need for cheering up, Gimli. But I thank you for your efforts."

The Dwarf's eyes sparkled. "I'll continue, laddie, until we part."



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Sneaky, Nath! Before Alqualonde indeed! What - five minutes!




Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Possibly not the most cheerful Elves in the world Tari, but Elves nonetheless. An Elf, at least...


My eyes narrow with rage, but the creature does not understand me.

I gesture at the bloodied corpse at my feet.

"You coward. You coward."

Not a flicker of life behind the eyes of the thing, or recognition, of shame.

"You tricked her, and you trapped her, and you tortured her."

Rage burns brightly in my breast, hot and mad and hateful. I should not feel this way, but I cannot help it.

"Now her children will die too, helpless and blind and hungry... and for what? For what?"

The thing does not answer me.

"Why did you do this? Why can your kind revel in nothing but murder and monstrosity?"

I shake my head.

"Why must you slaughter and spoil everywhere you go, everything you touch?"

My heart hardens as the thing stares dumbly back at me.

"I will give you the same chance you gave her. Run now, monster- run far away and never even dream of coming back."

The thing stands there, stupid and sullen and silent, comprehending not a single syllable of my words.

Of course, I could have spoken to the thing in its own tongue, had I but wanted to- could have given it some sort of chance- but...

I look at the body at my feet, and all thoughts of pity and forgiveness and justice flee from me.

Poor, silly thing...

I remember her as a baby- how she and her brothers and sisters growled and grumbled and fought over and around her exhausted mother.

I remember her a little older- how her father watched her grow big and strong, watched her become a mighty huntress.

I remember stalking the woods with her, sharing our kills under a brilliant moon and howling our joy at the stars.

She was my friend.


All I will ever remember of her is this wretched, bloodied wreck, caught in a crude, cruel snare, hunted and haunted, mutilated and murdered.

Poor, silly Swiftpaw. 

I unstrap my bow from my shoulders, and I finally see fear in the thing's eyes, finally see sorrow, see sadness, see regret...

But it is too late.

Far too late.

She was my friend.



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Beautiful, and most mysterious, Aruthir!  

Tari, here's one more for you (and it's Elves-only Wink).  Happy birthday!

Left-Hand Man

"Grandfather, why was Prince Nolofinwë sitting to the right of the King? Is that not Prince Feanaro's place?"

The times were not entirely untroubled, so Vanwë considered his answer carefully.

"You have seen me seated at Ingwë's right hand. Is it not Ingwion's place?"

"But you're Ingwë's own brother!  Besides, Ingwion was away."

"And Feanaro is in the North, seeking gems.  Nolofinwë, as second in line, serves in Feanaro's stead, as I serve in Ingwion's.  It is entirely proper."

Laurefindel seemed satisfied, and the two continued walking back towards the High King's tower. But the boy was ever curious when it came to matters of lordship, and Vanwë eager to teach. Who could say, after all, that the young one would not someday lead his own House?

"And did you not wonder who sat so quietly at Finwë's left? That is the Queen's place, is it not?"

"Lord Arattorë, of course!  Queen and Heir are as the left and right hand of a King, but the High Counsellor serves in the Queen's absence."

"You are correct, but that was not Arattorë.  It was Lord Bruithwir."

"A lesser counsellor, then?" The boy's face wrinkled. "But that would be … against protocol, would it not? Should the seat not rather have been left empty?"

"Finwë never errs in matters of protocol, penneth nin. Think. Who is a lord's right hand?"

"His heir, of course.  My father sits at yours, and I at his."

"Just so.  Ingwë's and Olwë's fathers remained in the Outer Lands. Finwë's followed him here."

"Bruithwir is the King's father?"

"Indeed. You wonder why you have not seen him before, and did not even know who he was?"

"Has he been away from Tirion since before I was born, Grandfather?"

Vanwë laughed, not entirely merrily. His old friend never ventured far from Tirion these days - for good reason.

"Consider, Lauron.  A wise lord never withholds advice from his heir.  A wise heir does not gainsay his father.  Yet Finwë is the King, and must rule all of the Noldor according to his own will. What would you do in Bruithwir's stead?"

The boy thought as they walked, allowing several minutes to pass before replying. 

"I would stay away from councils, or at least stay silent in them. I would give my son advice, but no one would ever know whether he took it."

"Just so, penneth. Remember that. A day may come when our people establish new realms. Ingwë and the senior princes are all content with what they have, so if that day ever comes, it will be our sons or grandsons, or perhaps their sons, who become Kings."

Vanwë winked and smiled at the boy, but did not fail to mark the eerie similarity of this day's lesson to one he'd received from his own grandfather Imin not long before Oromë had made himself known to the Elves of Cuivenien. He wondered once more whether he would ever see the Outer Lands again, but for the first time, the thought gave him a chill.



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Hope this is along the lines of what you wanted, Maeglin...


I stare entranced as Father holds the gem up to the light and twists it this way and that.

Such brilliance...

My mouth is suddenly dry, my heart races...

I have never seen anything so lovely.

Father smiles beatifically, the jewel reflecting his face back at me a thousand, a million, untold times.

My grin slowly matches his in the dim light of the forge, and his words burn in my brain long after the flames.

"Like father like son, eh?"




Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Here's my offering Meaglin (don't panic at the title). It didn't have to be a drabble, did it? Because this isn't/

The Death of Atarinkë

"Let me try, Grandfather"

Mahtan looked down at his grandson, seeing a bright light in the half grown elf's eyes "What did you say, Atarinke?"

The boy went to answer but frowned and stamped his foot "I'm Curufinwë , not Atarinkë."

Mahtan sighed, bitterness thick on the exhalation. With great deliberation he set down his hammer and tied up the billows before walking around to the other side of the anvil. He stood in front of his grandson and stared at him.

"Do you care so little for your mother that you would cast off the name she gave you?"


The ellon didn't even blink "All the others use their amilessë, but I want to be different. Even Mother's name for me acknowledges my likeness to Father, and I choose to use his name above all others for that reason."

"In doing so you ostracise those of your kin who your father is bitter with, indeed you even push your brothers away..." He frowned down at the other elf "You are the fifth son, Atarinkë, not the heir, do not boast of rank above your abilities..."

"I do no worse in holding my father name than Finwë did naming his other son."

Mahtan held his temper, but it took effort "Cease this anger... It avails as little as that of your father on the wedding of Indis." Slowly he turned back to the anvil and began to pump the billows again, raising the heat of the fire " I will teach smith craft to my Atarinkë, but not to Curufinwë." He waited for a long moment, but his ears only heard the crash of overturned metal and the slam of the smithy door.


The master-smith sighed again, this one tinged with despair. His eyes didn't see the flames that leapt in the forge fire, though they did see flames. The flames of an angry fëa, burning its hröa to bitterness, vengeance twisting all the fine skills of art into skills of violence and war.

 And now my grandson follows the same path, drawn like a moth to flames,ensnared by his father, binding himself by fëa to some horrid, fiery destiny.

He shivered despite the heat and began to hammer at the metal, smashing it flat again and removing the tîw from its front. It was meant to be a Begetting Day gift, but now there was no reason to finish it.

For Atarinkë was dead.




Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

I'm sorry if my story for the 10th anniversary challenge wasn't suitable- my computer kept playing silly beggars whist I was writing it?



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

I see no problems Grin



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

It is extremely difficult to find the 10th Walker challenge. It's not listed in the challenges. Is there a way that it can have its own place so I can find the stories? I really wanted to finish reading them.




Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

It's right there if you go to Challenges - you don't even have to be logged in to see it.

Enjoy your readingGrin



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Thanks, Aruthir!  Sorry for the long delay in replying, I just moved.

This was just the sort of story I wanted.  They might have fallen in the end, but before that they almost defined greatness.  And I can definitely see the moment you brought to life happening



Re: July 2012 Birthday Cards

Oh good grief. I was making it too hard. I looked under forums.

Thanks. And I hope to see even more.



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