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Help with an Elvish name

I need a Sindarin name for a minor Elf OMC; I want the name to mean Big Foot or Large Feet or Mighty Feet, something like that, for a large and well-built Elf.  The best I can come up with is Talbeleg, but I don't know if it's accurate.    Thoughts?



Re: Help with an Elvish name

Hi Raksha!

I'm totally useless with Tolkien's languages myself, but I'd like to recommend the Merin Essi Ar Quenteli web site at <>. Dreamingfifi, the site owner, has been exceptionally helpful to me in the past, when I have asked her a question of that sort.

It would help if you had an idea of the language (Sindarin? Quenya?), and the origin of the Elf you want to name (e.g. 3rd Age Mirkwood Elf? First Age Doriathrin?)

Her name lists are usually helpful, but in a quick perusal, I didn't see anything about big feet, so you might have to join her forum, or ask her in an email.  It's all at that link.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

- Barbara



Re: Help with an Elvish name


My buddy Lenine and I have written a Sindarin name generator that may help you.

If you run the generator with elements tál + beleg, the result is indeed Talbeleg, so your name is fine.



Re: Help with an Elvish name

Actually, Darth; your wonderful name generator is where I got the name Talbeleg.  (coughs nervously)  I just wasn't sure that I put it together right, or if it was backwards. I'm still a bit awkward with the use of the generator as opposed to trying to match up the vocabulary elements.  I see this OMC as someone who was a very big, sturdy elf-baby, and his parents proudly gave him the name because they were impressed by his large feet.  (probably got teased by other Elflings)  When he grows up and has kids of his own, Talbeleg will make sure they have names that don't make them feel clumsy.  I don't know whether I will bring all that info into the story, but I needed the name.  The character is large for an elf.

The OMC is a contemporary of Elrond; though he could have been born a few years before or after Elwing's sons.  I'm not sure whether Talbeleg was born on the Isle of Balar (where I think Gil-galad lived during the late Third Age including the year of the fall of the Havens of Sirion), or in the Havens of Sirion, but he is one of a number of young Elves, including Elrond and Elros, training to be squires and whatnot, in Gil-galad's service, in the years leading up to the War of Wrath.

Barbara, I'll have to check out the link you gave as well.  I'm not too good at naming in Sindarin or Quenya, not to mention other linguistic concerns. 

Thanx much for your help!




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