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White Tower, in Quenya?


Can any one help me with Quenya question?

I'd like to name the tower of Avallónë, 'White Tower' in Quenya.

I know that mindon means tower, like Mindon Eldaliéva 'Tower of the Elves' of Tirion, and Calmindon 'Light Tower' of Rómenna.

The tower of Avallónë is the color white in canon, and in my fanon, it is also a light tower, to guide mariners to the harbor.

My Eressëan sea-chanty refers to "... fair Mindon's guiding light...", because Mindon Eldaliéva is also referred to as the Mindon.

As I understand the Quenya words for the color 'white':

ninquë is 'chill, pallid,'

fána/fánë is associated with the whiteness of clouds (especially with the sun shining through them), and

lossë is 'snow-white.'

At this point, I think that fána would be the best adjective... it not only refers to the canonical color, but seems to have connotations of brilliant light, as well... but I haven't a clue how to combine the noun and the verb.

Mindon Fána?
Something else?

If the name has a good meter that fits into the chanty, I'll use it there; otherwise, I'd like to include it in my never-ending Author's Notes.

And thank you for any help you can give!

- Barbara



Re: White Tower, in Quenya?

Mindon Fána would do very well, I think.



Re: White Tower, in Quenya?

Hi Nath,

Thank you so much... that is exactly what I needed to know!

- Barbara



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