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Meaning of Eldarion's name

Does "Eldarion" mean Son of the Elves (Eldar) or Descendant of the Elves, or could it mean both? The Encyclopedia of Arda says the latter, but I though "ion" meant Son. Thanx for any assistance. RAKSHA



Re: Meaning of Eldarion's name

Ion does, indeed, mean "son" in Sindarin. And not even paying attention to the EoA translation, I would say Eldarion's name means "son of the Eldar" (the Eldar being a subset of the Elves, albeit one that includes almost all the major LoTR Elves of the Third Age and TWotR). Of course, because of quirks in Sindarin, it might also mean "son of an Eldar." But, because it's a proper name, the rules aren't quite as clear cut. As for "descendent of the Eldar," my trusty resource is giving me ion for "descendent" as well. It's entirely possible the word simply means both. Ages with Elves gets kinda tricky with them being immortal and all. One's only descendent could very well be one's son. Hope all that helps. ^_^ Bado na sídh. Berz.



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