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looking for an Elvish term

In a scene I'm writing Elrohir and Elladan welcome Boromir to Rivendell (just after he has arrived, on his way from the stables to the house), and after the brothers talk for a bit about who has arrived and the upcoming council, Boromir asks to be shown a room where he can rest for a bit before the Council. I want Elrohir to apologize for keeping him on his feet for so long when Boromir really wants to sit down. I'd like to have him say "What bad hosts we are!", half-jokingly, or something similar to that -- with "hosts" being in Elvish. Sindarin, I'm assuming, for the twins.

Could someone offer a translation. The Elvish dictionary I consulted online last night only had hosts for a host of armies.




Re: looking for an Elvish term

Perhaps _suilannad_ (the gerund form of suilanna-) which means ‘greeting’ or ‘giving of greetings’ in Sindarin.

Maybe something like:
“Ai, diheno men! Suilannad vîn faeg.”
Ah, forgive us! ‘Giving of greetings’ ours is poor.




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