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Server Downtime Schedule

HASA is moving into its new home this coming weekend!

Starting about noon on Saturday, March 26th, HASA will be taken offline for maintenance. If all goes more or less as planned, the site will be back up on the new server about mid-day on Sunday, March 27th. Due to lags in DNS population, it may be a bit longer before users can see the new site.

So, what is being done? Many things have already been done this week. The server was patched and its security configured, a mail server was installed, the web site and application servers were started, tested and patched, preliminary tests were done on the mail server, sample databases were moved from the old server to the new one, and test sites are now running. Starting tomorrow, the following will be done:

  • Thursday -  Code transfer
  • Friday - email account creation
  • Saturday - Database backup and transfer
  • Sunday -- ColdFusion application mapping, site configuration, testing and DNS switch

So, it's going to be a busy few days for me this week. Some features, like the Research Library text search, will not be operational until later next week and there will no doubt be some bugs to shake out.

Please, if you are planning story updates, forum posts or reviews, do your best to complete that before noon on Saturday.




Re: Server Downtime Schedule

Just wanted to say that it's great to see the site up again and - I don't *think* I'm imagining it, but it feels faster than it was before.  Really nice! Grin



Re: Server Downtime Schedule

No, you're not imagining things - the site is faster than before.

  • The server has a faster CPU and more RAM
  • The operating system is the newest 2008 R2 and makes better use of the hardware resources
  • The SQL server is 2008 R2 as well, and runs more efficiently than its predecessor
  • The Cold Fusion server is version 9, and has a more efficient engine in it

The site will continue to speed up a bit more over the next day or so as the most commonly used pages get cached and are more quickly available.

I am monitoring for bugs or settings that weren't configured correctly, and fixing as I go. If anyone observes something that doesn't seem quite right, please post a message to the Bug Reports forum:

Most of all, enjoy the faster, more stable site. Smile




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