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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the forum for requesting new characters for stories!

Just to inspire you, and give some idea of the type of requests you are invited to post here, these characters have been been requested in the last few weeks. One already existed under a different name, and two were newly added to the Character List (which means they now sport Bios in the Resources Library).

Dwimordene requested Fredegar Bolger here,

Maeglin requested Lenwë here, and

Aruthir requested Wulf here.

And remember that you can ask for any kind of entry in the Resources Library, too. For example, recent informal requests resulted in adding Place entries for the Havens of Sirion and the west marches of Rohan, as well as an update to the Event entry for the Ruin of the Havens of Sirion.

So, if you have a story about a character who is not on the Character List, or a yen to see something new in the Resources Library, just ask here!

- Barbara



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