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2010 January Treasure Hunt

January 2010 Treasure Hunt Challenge

The hunt is on!

This month, the focus is on a little regarded location along the East-West Road. We don't have many stories that deal with this place, which is odd considering all the people who may have been there over the years. Of course, no one is quite sure how long it has been there.

What else may appear in your tale? There is something a long way away that northerners might know about only by word of mouth. A peculiar political post and some sylphs who might be keeping an eye on things, for starters. What good is a treasure hunt without something shiny?  The hunt is wrapped up with another odd location.

Your story focus must be on the treasure that appears on Challenges home page, and the story must include one or more of the other publicly viewable treasures.

If you enter the challenge, let everyone know with a post to this forum.

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Re: 2010 January Treasure Hunt

Sorry to be a pest, but two of the "treasures" seem to refer to the same thing... did you do this on purpose?



Re: 2010 January Treasure Hunt


Answers to your questions:

  1. What thing are you talking about? If it is that the treasure on the home page is the same as the treasure in the About section, yes, that is purposeful. The home page does not have its own treasure.
  2. Hmm, you're right, there does not appear to be a way to withdraw a placeholder from a challenge. It was working in rehearsal. I'll have to check on this.




Re: 2010 January Treasure Hunt

I'm excited about this challenge; my treasures are things I'd never even heard of, and I love learning about new things in Tolkien's world.  Although I have no idea how I'm going to connect the two at the moment, I'm sure something will come to me.  Thanks for this idea; it's a great way to use the Resources section and write something new.  Yay!



Re: 2010 January Treasure Hunt

Hi Wolfwind,

Excellent! Be sure to create a placeholder entry right away and then swap it out for your actual story once that gets written. I can hardly wait to see what comes out of this challenge!

Depending on response level, we hope to make the Treasure Hunt Challenge a monthly event with a different mix each time. Yes, you see through our nefarious plan to get people to check out the more obscure entries in the Research Library. Wink 

Also, if you have any suggestions for a Challenge, maybe one inspired by one of the treasures but which just won't fit in a Treasure Hunt challenge, but sure to add it to the Suggest a Challenge forum.




Re: 2010 January Treasure Hunt

I appear to have had a disaster with my entry for this- I posted a placeholder, then posted my story, then tried to delete the placeholder, but seem to have deleted the story as well. Can you give me an idea as to what I've done wrong, or do I just need to grin like a pipeweed-addled Hobbit and post the story again?



Re: 2010 January Treasure Hunt

or do I just need to grin like a pipeweed-addled Hobbit and post the story again?

No, you have two placeholders at the moment, so you should be able to swap one for your story. Instructions for swapping out a placeholder for a real entry are here in the Challenge FAQs. It's #2 in the How To section.

Be sure your story is set to Beta, General or Reviewed status when you try to swap it in, or it won't show up in the entry drop down list.

I am eager to read your entry, so get it in!




Re: 2010 January Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt Challenge for January closes today.

If you haven't put in your entry or a placeholder, do it now.  You can always change your mind and withdraw your entry later, but you can't enter a closed challenge. We have ten entries as of today; is anyone else tempted?

Oh, and if the selections this month weren't quite to your tale-telling taste, there will be a new set ready on Monday and a new Treasure Hunt for them!




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