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Technical posting problem

Hi. I'm probably posting this in the wrong place and if so, I apologize.

I'm having problems posting a story. I've posted it and it's showing in my story etc... however I've gotten a private review stating the reader couldn't see my story. It says there are no chapters. While I can see it, it states the story chapter is 0 and as long as it's 0, no one can see it.

I can't get it off 0. Am I supposed to make special offerings to the Valar, or smoke with a wizard in order to fix this? Or am I missing something, which would be typical of me. 




Re: Technical posting problem

Read the FAQ question in the Troubleshooting section "2. My story chapter isn't showing up":

It explains how to change the chapter number. Please check the FAQ page for a section if you are having difficulties using the site. Most issues are covered there.




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