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Help me find something?


I'm not sure if I have to write to this one, but I'm quite confused about the HASA forums. Anyways, I would like to find a story, and it bugs me. I was looking for it for an hour now, I've seen it ages ago, and now it's gone (?). Could anyone help me or you all will just shoo me away?




Re: Help me find something?

What was the story?



Re: Help me find something?

Thanks for the reply! It was a story about Boromir surviving, and I found two-three stories with the same topic and scrolled through them, and none of them was the actual one I'm looking for! The only memory I have of it is the picture in the very beggining, he is being sent out on a horse on the very start of the final battle at the Black Gate. then they take him home etc. Further memories are him being mad and the whole story is set after the ring of the war!

Was I dreaming? I never wrote a story, so it couldn't have been me But that is all I remember, and I badly want to finish it! I remember I only stopped reading because it was way too dark and scary for my liking, back then .

Any information is welcome!



Re: Help me find something?

Not sure I recognise the story- perhaps one of the other fine folk at this site will be able to help?



Re: Help me find something?

I had a look as well, and while I did find several Boromir!Lives stories, I didn't find anything that started remotely like that...



Re: Help me find something?

Really? If you could tell me the title of those you looked at I would be really happy! We probably looked at the same ones anyway.. I don't know where that particular story disappeared to!

But thanks anyway!



Re: Help me find something?

Thanks! Yeah I am hoping too, there must be someone who knows what I'm talking about!



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