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Story Checker(s)

We're looking for 1 to 3 people who will act as story checkers. With stories being added or updated on a regular basis, HASA needs someone (or a set of someones) who can be relied upon to review stories and ensure they are readable by the appropriate audience.

A story checker would do the following twice per week:

  • Look to see what stories have been added or updated since her last visit.
  • Quickly scan the overviews of each of those stories.
  • Quickly click through the chapters that are new or updated in those stories.
  • Note any problems that might prevent the stories being read.
  • Contact either the story author or the Site Manager as appropriate to make corrections, or perform corrections directly.
  • Coordinate with other admins, such as Reviews, Challenges, Playlists and Workshop, if corrections may affect their areas.

To be a story checker, you need the following:

  • Be a HASA member.
  • Visit HASA at least twice per week.
  • Use either IE or Firefox browsers. (Note - they don't have to be your primary browser, but you'll need one or the other for admin tools.)
  • Be able to use basic story sort and selection tools to look at the most recent stories.
  • Understand the settings for stories and chapters and what different combinations of settings can do.
  • Be able to copy/paste URLs into emails.

It would be very useful if the story checker knows HTML, but HTML skills are not required.

If you are interested in becoming a story checker, leave a comment in this forum thread or send an email to the Site Manager via the Contact form.




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