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RSS Monitor

HASA has three RSS feeds - Recently Updated Stories, Recently Reviewed Stories and News. The feeds are updated daily. Occasionally these feeds have a problem due to odd characters in the titles and summaries of stories or news articles.

The RSS Monitor would do the following on a daily basis:

  • Check the RSS feeds on the home page
  • Look at each feed under IE and Firefox to ensure it displays correctly
  • If the display is wrong, log in to the Stories or New administration areas and fix the text causing the problem (usually it is replacing curly quotes with straight ones).
  • Click a link to rerun the RSS for the day.

To be the monitor, you would need the following skills:

  • A basic understanding of what an RSS feed is
  • Have both IE and Firefox (recent versions) on your computer
  • Know how to find and subscribe to an RSS feed with those browsers
  • Know enough HTML to use the HASA editor to fix odd text characters

If you are interested in becoming an RSS monitor, leave a comment in this forum thread or send an email to the Site Manager via the Contact form.




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